Development of the 2-axis Sun angular coordinates determination device based on the nanostructured silicon films for spacecrafts

The design of the 2-axis Sun angular coordinates determination device based on the
monocrystalline silicon and on the nanostructured silicon films have been developed.
Calculations of the design parameters of the sensors are given taking into account the linearization of the output characteristic based on the factors of the incident power loss with the incidence light angle increasing and the incidence angle dependence of the light spot displacement.
Technologies for manufacturing radiation-resistant devices on monocrystalline silicon and nanostructured silicon films with a complete set of technological documentation have been developed.
A technology for the synthesis of silicon nanocrystalline thin-film layers for Sun angular coordinates determination devices, doped with rare-earth elements, formed by ion-beam sputtering has been developed.
Methods for studying the parameters of Sun angular coordinates determination device, incl. their photoelectric parameters and angular characteristics, radiation resistance and temperature stability.
The complexity of the approach to research and development of the radiation resistant Sun sensors manufacturing technology allowed to equip the onboard orientation system of the second university nanosatellite "PolyITAN-2-SAU" with manufactured devices that had been successfully operating in the near-earth orbit since March 18, 2017.

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