Creation of the theory of the information technological innovation of the diagnostic and research of the spectrums of biotechnical objects at treatment

The principles of the new concept of an integrated approach to the definition of the status of biological and biotechnological (BTO) of the objects in the application of drugs on the basis of analysis of the spectra of objects. The goal was the creation of the theoretical foundations of technology diagnosis of the condition of biological objects under the influence of drugs on the basis of mathematical modeling of basic information biotechnical processes of interaction of objects with external stimuli.

A number of analytical models formalized RTA interaction and therapeutic agents, particularly in light of electromagnetic radiation as well as pharmacological drugs when used separately or integrated into a complex. Basic principles of diagnosis and protection of the RTA under the action of drugs. The models of consistency of external stimuli with parameters defined BTO field structures, analytical models change the dynamic parameters of the field structures in the interaction zones where objects at different levels of interaction and distances. The limits of sensitivity of the RTA interaction with external influences necessary for the appointment of optimal operating conditions of medical diagnostic and therapeutic equipment, as well as the formation of safe modes of influence on patients.

In practical terms, established basis for determining the action of technical tools that can be used to treat a wide range of diseases in combination with drugs, and to determine their possible cross-effective integration, it is necessary to assign the optimal safe modes of medical diagnostic and therapeutic equipment. By means of the application of medical techniques designed to create new modes of definition and treatment of a wide range of diseases.

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