The development of the toolkit of the guaranteed operation security of the complex technical systems in the conditions of the uncertainties and the multifactor risks

Methodological, mathematical and algorithmic toolkit worked out to provide a guaranteed functioning of complex technical systems (CTS), an opportunity to form sufficiently informed decision based on the threshold time limit, the practical implementation of solutions to prevent accidents and disasters in terms of conceptual uncertainty and multifactor risks. Toolkit in the form of an information platform of technical diagnostics in real time is based on the proposed control strategy serviceability and safety of the CTS. Methodology of the system diagnosticating CTS provides timely identification of the causes for the prevention of emergency situations on the basis of multifactor risk minimization. Timely identification and elimination of the causes for a possible transition the operating state of the object to inoperable through a systematic evaluation and prediction of the dynamics of multiple-risk and targeted selection of a rational hierarchy to set requirements to the object as a whole as the basis for management strategies for work and safety of complex systems, in particular, technologically and environmentally hazardous technical systems and facilities, which ensures a higher level of security and survivability of complex systems. The implementation of the system strategy guaranteed safety of the CTS in the form of technical diagnostic tools platform is shown in the examples, electric refrigerator and reanimobile with the patient on board.

Through a comprehensive, systematic and continuous assessment of performance parameters of the object in the real time to identify situations that could potentially take place outside of functioning normally. For these situations it is possible timely the decision-making to change the operating mode of the object or the artificial adjustment of parameters to influence the regime change and return to the values in the normal mode with ensure survivability functioning СTS

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