Складні технічні системи

System control by the operability, the survivability and the safety of the complex technical systems in the conditions of different nature uncertainties and destabilizing risk factors

There is proposed system control by operability, survivability and safety of complex technical systems (CTS) under the influence of destabilizing risk factors, the conceptual and information uncertainty as the system of timely decisions making on operational prevent potential accident and catastrophic situations.

The development of the toolkit of the guaranteed operation security of the complex technical systems in the conditions of the uncertainties and the multifactor risks

Methodological, mathematical and algorithmic toolkit worked out to provide a guaranteed functioning of complex technical systems (CTS), an opportunity to form sufficiently informed decision based on the threshold time limit, the practical implementation of solutions to prevent accidents and disasters in terms of conceptual uncertainty and multifactor risks. Toolkit in the form of an information platform of technical diagnostics in real time is based on the proposed control strategy serviceability and safety of the CTS.

Development of an integrated technology system design, safety control and diagnosis of complex technical objects under conditions of uncertainty and multifactorial risk

The methodological, mathematical and algorithmical toolkit on providing the control by functioning and monitoring, operative diagnosis, evaluation and prediction of the permissible risk margin of the forecast abnormal, critical, extraordinary, emergency and catastrophic situations’ set in the complex technical systems’ (CTS) functioning dynamics under the conditions of the uncertainties and multifactorial risks is worked out.