System control by the operability, the survivability and the safety of the complex technical systems in the conditions of different nature uncertainties and destabilizing risk factors

There is proposed system control by operability, survivability and safety of complex technical systems (CTS) under the influence of destabilizing risk factors, the conceptual and information uncertainty as the system of timely decisions making on operational prevent potential accident and catastrophic situations. The strategy of guaranteed survivability functioning CTS is based on the proposal axiom risk situations and the principle of timely detection and elimination of causes for the possible transition of the operating object state to the inoperating state taking into account the margin of permissible risk in the dynamics of abnormal mode of CTS operation.

The developed methodical-algorithmic tools to support guaranteed survivability functioning CTS in the real time is implemented as an information platform of technical diagnostics, which allows for contingencies and emergencies timely decision to change the mode of operation of the facility, artificial adjustment of some parameters in order to return their values in normal mode.

The principal criteria are timely identification of the causes of abnormal and accident states taking into account the threshold time limit.

Системне управління працездатністю, живучістю та безпекою складних технічних систем в умовах невизначеностей різної природи та дестабілізуючих факторів ризику
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