Research and development of DSP-clinical audiometer for diagnostic of diseases of an ear

Proposed new structure of the patented DSP-audiometr, and developed its new Simulink-based model, which is provided and playback keys (in the range from 125 Hz to 16 kHz), broadband and narrowband test stimulus, and the implementation of a number of above-threshold procedures (tests Fowler, Lusher, SISI and Stenger). The simulation of the Simulink-model created in the environment of Matlab, so as to meet the development of circuit design and algorithmic solutions and create a model of audiometric channel DSP-based tools evaluation module 5505 eZdsp USB Stick, which is based on a dedicated audio DSP-processor type TMS320VC5505 of company Texas Instruments. Confirmed the effectiveness and efficiency of the created layout audiometric tract, shows the consistency of the results of its tests with simulation results Simulink-model, which has witnessed the correctness of its parameters. It is proposed and experimentally tested a new method for determining the metrological characteristics of the prototype of DSP-audiometric channel in the extended frequency range, which can be put in the basis of creation uniform for metrological services of Ukraine of the calibration procedure of the tract bone HF sound conduction of auriometers.

Робоче місце для визначення метрологічних характеристик макета DSP аудіометричного тракту на основі комплексу типу 22С фірми RFT
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