Lysenko Oleksandr M.

Multi-channel thermal imaging and television complex search-detection with noise-tolerant high-speed data transmission interface

Multi-channel infrared and visual complex with robust high-speed data transmission interface was developed using the physical and informational integration of thermal and visual channels (TC and VC respectively). Two variants of structural and functional organizations of the complex, which are based on Gigabit Ethernet or on multi-channel video interfaces that use special serializer-deserializer ICs and permits robust and fast transmission (1-3.3) Gbit/s on distances from 15 m up to 100 m were proposed.

Portable system for automatic object tracking in video sequences

The portable system of automatic visual object tracking in a sequence of images of increased reliability and speed has been developed. The system finds the trajectory of a given object in video sequences determining its coordinates on each frame. The improvement of the system performance is achieved by developing and modifying tracking techniques as well as the structural and functional organization of the embedded software and hardware aids of their implementation on the ARM Cortex-A processor core.

Portable multifunctional objective auditory screening system based on DSP and modern "network-on-chip" technology

Based on advanced DSP and "Network-on-Chip" (NoC) technology the measuring and computing tracts of portable the multifunctional objective auditory screening system intended to diagnose in the early stages of hearing impairment in children's contingent subjects, including infants, by methods multifrequency tympanometry, acoustic reflexometry and otoacoustic emissions developed.

Research and development of DSP-clinical audiometer for diagnostic of diseases of an ear

Proposed new structure of the patented DSP-audiometr, and developed its new Simulink-based model, which is provided and playback keys (in the range from 125 Hz to 16 kHz), broadband and narrowband test stimulus, and the implementation of a number of above-threshold procedures (tests Fowler, Lusher, SISI and Stenger).

Development of technology of echoscreening of newborns for diagnostics of diseases of an ear

It is offered new complex mathematical model of an ear of the person which considers structurally-physiological properties of an ear of the newborn child that has allowed to carry out modelling of object of research and to reproduce procedures of passage and generation in it an echo-signals of otoacoustical emission. Ways of improvement are certain and is synthesized new patentable structure of echoscreener, that is achieved by realization of the wireless interface, use of modern DSP-technologies, the audiocodec, functional converters and development of the necessary software.