Optimization of power consumption shaft fixed installations with the use of diagnostic tools is their energy efficiency

Developed a comprehensive approach to the problem of optimization of energy consumption, improving energy efficiency and sustainability of the most energy-intensive consumers of mining companies - mining fixed installations (SSU) by applying diagnostic tools is their energy efficiency, energy-saving drive systems, control devices power quality and introduction of technological measures for its economy. Developed methods and tools allow you to replace existing technology diagnostic and service equipment - service "regulations" more advanced technology services "actual status". Developed complex technological measures to save energy, Elevator, conveyor, fan, pump and compressor installations, taking into account changes of the mode of their work. Created schematics, software and algorithms for diagnosing the efficiency of SSO. Created diagnostic energy model of AC motors, which take into account the influence of the quality of electrical energy, changes the operation mode (load) and environmental parameters. Developed recommendations for the selection of energy efficient electric and modern means of regulation, power quality, guidelines for their rational choice given the existing infrastructure energy mining company.

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