Geotechnical complex with intellectual adaptive device of impuls action for executive rocks and extraction minerals

The process of the pulse of rock destruction is carried out with the adaptation of the parameters of the face, the adaptation is achieved by selecting the number and location of the mass of the impactor changes in the active sites of power elements, increase low frequency pressure in the hydraulic drive, automated control of hydraulically geotechnical complex, allowing for 10 ... 15% increase efficiency pulse break the rock.

Optimization of power consumption shaft fixed installations with the use of diagnostic tools is their energy efficiency

Developed a comprehensive approach to the problem of optimization of energy consumption, improving energy efficiency and sustainability of the most energy-intensive consumers of mining companies - mining fixed installations (SSU) by applying diagnostic tools is their energy efficiency, energy-saving drive systems, control devices power quality and introduction of technological measures for its economy. Developed methods and tools allow you to replace existing technology diagnostic and service equipment - service "regulations" more advanced technology services "actual status".

Ecologically safe complex impulse and wave action for development deposit and extraction mineral

Created and introduced a theory, applied in practice of impulse and wave destruction and also system of adaptive management of process of impuls and wave destruction of rocks. On the basis of the applied theory are developed new executive powers of impulse and wave action and technology with use of the given theory.

Power saving and adaptive complex of impuls and resonance action for extraction oil deposits and minerals

The fundamental principles of the applied theory of the energy-efficient adaptive operation of the complex for pulse-resonance destruction of rocks and reservoir rocks in oil well were formulated. CAD for the elements of energy-efficient adaptive complex with pulse-resonance actuating device was developed. It allows for the automated control of the complex with minimum energy consumption and maximum impact on rocks.

Development of control instrument for mining industry power streams setting with norms and analysis

The purpose of the project is the creation of the CAS management of mining enterprise power streams with software development to determine specific energy consumption, and its analysis on the basis of modern mathematical methods: theories of patterns recognitions, artificial networks, balance methods for workstations of all levels .

Creation and establishing of enerпysaving explosive technologies and facilities of the prudent guided stratification of rock massive

Experimental researches of blasting cavity in soil massif and deformed irregular zone forming in pulsated regime with structurizing materials participation are provided for seismicsteady and waterproof screens organization. The acting models of hydraulic jack and gas producer equipment are developed...