Development new resource saving technology of recovery wastes of alumina and titania industries in commercial product

Рисунок 1 Технологічна схема виробництва комплексного коагулянту

Was created new resource-saving technology of recycling of production waste into marketable products. Obtained complex aluminous and ferruginous coagulant with titan impurity, which is the starting reagent in water treatment technology.

Created technology is fully based on the use as raw materials dangerous and economically burdensome for the chemical industry and non-ferrous metallurgy in Ukraine wastes without other reagents commodity that has no analogues in the world. The application of the technology to the industrial sector will reduce emissions into the environment, reduce costs for industrial starting materials in wastewater treatment and improve the ecological environment.

Conducted pilot scale tests of new resource-saving technologies for processing waste into marketable products and confirmed the high efficiency of application of waste-derived reagent in coagulation water treatment technology. Optimized technological modes of production waste into marketable products and scientifically substantiated the corresponding process flowsheet. The use of a fundamentally new commercial product in water treatment technology helps solve the problem of storage of industrial waste, and contributes to the practical implementation of the principles of ecological, chemical and related industries.

Developed a draft of technological regulations of reception a complex aluminous and ferruginous reagent for treatment of industrial waters from heavy metals, surfactants, dyes of different nature and origin, and created a competitive environmentally safe technology for industrial wastewater treatment effective and inexpensive reagents from waste products.

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