Scientific bases of expansion of the fund of sources of water supply of the population, elimination of threats to national security of Ukraine in the ecological sphere

In the scope of the work, an analysis of the water supply of residents of the Donetsk region and other regions of Ukraine with natural and anthropogenic sources of water suitable for further processing was carried out, the chemical composition of waters of various origins was determined, and the possibility of their additional processing to provide consumer properties was determined. Possible methods of pre-treatment of water are proposed, which ensure long-term and uninterrupted operation of baromembrane installations.

Catalytic systems based on metal oxides to nanosized specific wastewater treatment

Prototypes of new catalysts and photocatalysts based on newly synthesized nanoscale metal oxides obtained, kinetic regularities of redox processes in which they participate in waste water determined. The experimental dependence of the degree of photocatalytic purification in model wastewater and the nature of the pollutant concentration established. Substantiation of technological parameters of the liquid-phase oxidation-reduction processes wastewater from the pollutants of various origins determined.

Creation low-waste of technology baromembranes of clearing mineralized of waters

The processes of illumination of low mineralized and salt waters are studied with the use of additional reagents. Possibility of the use and efficiency are set in the processes of illumination of different types of coagulants and flokulants, selected most suitable from them for illumination of low mineralized, the optimal doses of reagents, condition of their use are certain, limiting factors that determine efficiency of discolouration with the help of chemical reagents are set. The processes of the reagent softening of waters of this type are studied.

Creating a comprehensive conditioning technology saline water for municipal and industrial water use.

This work is aimed at the creation of scientific bases of desalination and purification of highly mineralized water without the formation of liquid waste to developing an integrated water conditioning technology, which provides softening and desalination of water, its decontamination and stabilization with respect to scaling to meet the needs of utility and industrial companies.

Investigation of the processes and development of high efficiency resource-saving ecological-safety technology of deep arsenic removal from water

The information about both, natural and anthropogenic ways and the reasons of arsenic compounds appearance in natural waters are generalised. Prevailing forms of the presence of arsenic compounds in water medium are defined. The comparative analysis and summarization of the existing information on the novel methods and materials for deep extraction of arsenic from water are carried out.

Development new resource saving technology of recovery toxic components of water treatment waste.

The basic regularities of the process of disposal of toxic metals precipitation coalescing water purification of wastewater contaminated with dyes, surface-active substances and other organic compounds, by the acid and oxidation processing of these deposits with neutralization of toxic substances and the partial or complete (in recycle) return of the coagulation reagents in the process of water purification. The results of the research developed the technology of resource-saving treatment of wastewater and experimental-industrial tests on the actual treatment of wastewater