Yakornov Yevheniy A.

Effectiveness increase of wireless communication network operation by radio signals of distributed antenna systems spatial-temporal processing

Sense of work consists in the analysis of modern world progressive trends of wireless communication networks (WCN) with distributed antenna systems (DAS) and also development of methodology of WCN with DAS functioning effectiveness increase on the basis of methods of spatial-temporal processing (STAP) of radio signals.

The development of the methods for improving efficiency of the space-time processing of the telecomunication signals with interferences

Sense of work consists of analysis of modern world trends in progress of the space-time processing theory, development of new methods of radio signals processing with space-time structures, which are factorized with the use of Croneckers` matrices muptiplication theory for the radio electronic facilities’ digital adaptive arrays, and also analysis of possibility of the physical phenomenon of curvature of wave front of electromagnetic wave application for the increase of efficiency of functioning of the telecommunication systems in the conditions of interferences.