Методика оцінювання

Development of interval methods with the use of conception of vagueness for the increase of exactness of estimation of results of the control measurings of parameters of informing signals

The new going is developed near the evaluation of exactness of results of measurings by the evaluation of their vagueness. This approach differs from the known (existing) evaluations of exactness of measurings, which it was assumed at, that constituents had normal distribution, which does not depend on the type of distributing of constituents, influencing on a result. For this purpose as an initial size the function of belonging, the special case of which is probability, which interval estimations, uniting subjective and experimental information, were got at, was utillized.

Modeling the economic development strategy of enterprises in a socially oriented economy Ukraine

The current concept of enterprise development strategy under which the company is directly linked with its social and economic value, which is determined, along with technical and economic indicators - for a system of values, competencies and resources, effective management which causes the growth of the market value of the company. Determined system of qualitative and quantitative assessment of the corporate social responsibility of the enterprise.