Modeling the economic development strategy of enterprises in a socially oriented economy Ukraine

The current concept of enterprise development strategy under which the company is directly linked with its social and economic value, which is determined, along with technical and economic indicators - for a system of values, competencies and resources, effective management which causes the growth of the market value of the company. Determined system of qualitative and quantitative assessment of the corporate social responsibility of the enterprise. The method of assessing the level of goodwill of companies using fuzzy sets and the method outlined uu role in determining the market value of companies. Developed two economic-mathematical and computer models of socio-economic value of companies that implemented activities on materials engineering and mining industries. In the first model link between socially responsible behaviour, economic performance and competitiveness of the enterprise. The second model presented relationship between socially responsible behaviour, Safety, investment attractiveness. The obtained results allowed to determine the priorities for the selection of management technologies that should be used to ensure improving the competitiveness of enterprises on the basis of projects in the field of corporate social responsibility.

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