Developing technological foundations spot welding dissimilar materials with guaranteed quality connections

The essence of development is that for the first time in spot welding of dissimilar materials to enhance quality connections and guaranteed their support for a given level of applied external electromagnetic action. Their essence is that during the welding process each point in the working area generated transverse inter-symmetric magnetic field. In their interaction with the welding current in the melt volume arising ponderomotive force that it intensively stirred. Thus there is some positive effects.

Development of technology for forming bilayer, resources preserving, corrugated plastic pipe products

The process of forming the corrugation with different geometrical parameters is investigated. The analysis of the indicators formability and the ability of polymeric material for welding is executed. The dependence of the wall thickness of the corrugated pipe for sloping walls, for vertical walls, for high and low profile, for different shapes set at different angles of the walls forms, for different width and height corrugation, for different sizes of products is determined. The technology of forming a two-layer corrugated tube of thermoplastic material is developed.

Simulation of processes of phase-to-phase interaction at an arc welding and a building-up welding under a fluxing stone

It is shown that the evaluation of metallurgical properties of flux in electric arc welding in most models are limited to consideration of the slag-metal reactions, which contradicts the physical model of the electric submerged arc welding. The existence of the gas phase, and its influence on chemical processes at the interface is ignored.