Development of energy and industrial cooling systems with natural draft which based on a new element base

Continuous growth in cooling water shortages and increase of environmental requirements through thermal pollution is closely linked with the problem of rational use of water resources and reducing water-intensive technologies. This necessitates the usage of modern energy technologies and their upgrading with help of existing cooling systems in a variety of industries.

Heat transfer and aerodynamics of complicated profiled heat transfer surfaces

In tubular recuperative heat exchangers such as "gas-gas", "gas-liquid" are mainly used heat transfer of circular tubes. However, circular tubes, as part of the heat transfer surface, in terms of improving their heat and aerodynamic performances to date have exhausted themselves. Now, technically and economically the most accessible and reasonable by reducing weight and improving energy efficiency and resource saving heat exchange equipment is application in heat exchangers surfaces that have high heat and aerodynamic efficiency, low cost and ease of production.

Development equalincreased heat transfer surfaces for gas turbine regenerators of gas transport systems and research their heat-aerodynamics characteristics

Gas turbine unit ( GTU) is the dominant type of drive gas transportation system of Ukraine. However, most of them morally and physically obsolete, leading to a waste of gas for its own needs, which in 2010 amounted to 4.9 billion m3. To improve gas turbine is to use the least expensive stoves (regenerator) for utilization of heat in the turbine exhaust gases at the same time regenerators at current levels of use are bulky often have low operational reliability.

Development of technology for forming bilayer, resources preserving, corrugated plastic pipe products

The process of forming the corrugation with different geometrical parameters is investigated. The analysis of the indicators formability and the ability of polymeric material for welding is executed. The dependence of the wall thickness of the corrugated pipe for sloping walls, for vertical walls, for high and low profile, for different shapes set at different angles of the walls forms, for different width and height corrugation, for different sizes of products is determined. The technology of forming a two-layer corrugated tube of thermoplastic material is developed.

Creation of scientific and technological foundations for the development of advanced high-performance heat transfer surfaces.

The design of flat-oval profile steel tubes with the incomplete fins is investigated for use as heat transfer surfaces. Such surfaces have several important advantages: the material - carbon steel, manufacture of low-cost technology – contact welding of the fins on the tube; improved thermal efficiency as compared with steel tubes of round profile, aerodynamic drag of flat-oval tubes with incomplete fins for 40...50 % below the tube of round profile.

Development and investigation of perspective miniature energy saving devices on based of evaporating - condensation cycle.

Analysis of literature sources had shown that up-to-date state of miniaturization of electronic devices needs the development of new small-size cooling systems, which are capable to reject great heat fluxes. Within the bounds of this problem theoretical ground of advisability of using miniature heat pipes, thermosyphones and oscillating heat pipes in cooling systems for a wide range of powerful elements of microelectronic technics was found.