Математичні моделі

Mathematical modelling of forming processes of multycomponent polymeric composition materials by using of the directed physical and chemical modification

The important is decided|solve| folk|national| economic task|tsk|, related to development|elaboration| of scientific|science| bases|backing| of the directed|ducted| application  of physical|physics| modification as an ultrasonic|ultrasound| action|act| in technology|technicology| of receipt of wide spectrum of wares from much component|reductant| epoxy|  | polymers, directed|ducted| on the increase|rise| of efficiency  and achievement of resourse| and energy| economies|nest-egg| at their receipt.

The principles of mathematical models development and simulation of actuators and mechatronic systems

Ультразвукова проточна кавітаційна камера для гідролізу - екстракції  пектину з рослинної сировини

A new ultrasonic cavitation technology for plant material pectin hydrolysis- extraction was developed. Experimental studies for determine the main parameters of ultrasonic vibrations to provide effective realization of the process as a part of mechatronic systems. Physical and mathematical models of extraction were compiled. Necessary technological cavitation equipment as a part of mechatronic systems to realize the proposed technology was developed. Experimentally confirmed the high quality of pectin obtained with new technology.

Development of control instrument for mining industry power streams setting with norms and analysis

The purpose of the project is the creation of the CAS management of mining enterprise power streams with software development to determine specific energy consumption, and its analysis on the basis of modern mathematical methods: theories of patterns recognitions, artificial networks, balance methods for workstations of all levels .

The development of the methods for improving efficiency of the space-time processing of the telecomunication signals with interferences

Sense of work consists of analysis of modern world trends in progress of the space-time processing theory, development of new methods of radio signals processing with space-time structures, which are factorized with the use of Croneckers` matrices muptiplication theory for the radio electronic facilities’ digital adaptive arrays, and also analysis of possibility of the physical phenomenon of curvature of wave front of electromagnetic wave application for the increase of efficiency of functioning of the telecommunication systems in the conditions of interferences.

Resources and Services Management in Heterogeneous Telecommunication Environment

Макет єдиного програмного та інформаційного середовища

The technology of access and management of information and program resources in heterogeneous informative-telecommunication environment is created. It is the basis of intermediate layer software for access and performance of the distributed program systems in networks, which use technologies both cable and wireless access.

The mathematical models of parallel transaction processing of the uniform universal platform for supporting to information interaction of granting service in Internet are developed.

The creation of the design and manufacture of integrated circuits ferroelectric memory

фрагмент топології макетного зразка чипа пам’яті

The new research technology to deposition of submicron (20-100 nm) ferroelectric thin films (FTF) for acoustic-volatile ferroelectric storage elements. Improved equipment for deposition and etching of FTF on silicon substrates with CMOS structures and construction of cathode with a circular target and disk fragments, which ensures uniform thickness and composition of FTF during their deposition method ion-plazmа sputtering in magnetron-type reactor with closed drift of electrons.

Development of technology of echoscreening of newborns for diagnostics of diseases of an ear

Макет тракту генерації стимулів на основі DSP-процесора TMS320VC5510 фірми Texas Instruments (у складі оціночного модуля Starter Kit типу C5510 DSK)

It is offered new complex mathematical model of an ear of the person which considers structurally-physiological properties of an ear of the newborn child that has allowed to carry out modelling of object of research and to reproduce procedures of passage and generation in it an echo-signals of otoacoustical emission. Ways of improvement are certain and is synthesized new patentable structure of echoscreener, that is achieved by realization of the wireless interface, use of modern DSP-technologies, the audiocodec, functional converters and development of the necessary software.

The creation of the electromagnetic nanoinstruments for the diagnostic of the technological system accuracy for the production precision details

Прилад “Градієнтомір” для комплексної перевірки зонної точності верстатів з CNC

Mathematical models of the positional error in working place of technological equipment are creative. Dependence of the spatial error of the positional of cutting tool and detail at occurrence in coordinate system is defined. Properly this severely have an influence on accuracy for the production precision details. Mathematical models and expediency theirs use at creation of express-system of the positional error definition are creative. Properly mathematical models of the zonal precision, as well as principles and guidelines of this used in technological processes.

Development of technology and equipment is for the biotechnological receipt of untraditional power mediums

Рис 1. Установка для дослідження впливу гідродинамічних режимів та тепломасообміну на біосинтетичні властивості мікробного біоценозу продуцентів біогазу.

Technology and experimental equipment is developed for realization of processes of synthesis of biogas. The rational parameters of process are certain at the terms of processing of wastes of agricultural production and communal enterprises. On the basis of the conducted researches hydrodynamics is certain and and transmission of mass of description of processes of biosynthesis of, which take a place in an anaerobic farmantors from immobilisation on inert transmitters microorganism.