Математичні моделі

Creation of the information technology of realization of intensive plastic deformation and surface strengthening of materials by manufacture of details for ensuring of reliability and durability of dies blocks

штамп для видавлювання, який встановлений на пресі ПО443

Information technology for determination of parameters at a design stage of manufacturing techniques of articles with ensured reliability and durability is created by methods of cold forging and a sheet-metal forming.

Development of computer-aided of technological machining operations of complex surfaces on machine-tools with CNC

Інтерфейс інтегрованої CAD/CAM системи автоматизованого програмування

Conception of optimum control machining is first developed on a machine-tool with CNC on a priori information through system of the automated preparation of the programs depending on the conditions of cutting in the direction of shape-generating co-ordinate and time of machining. The presence of optimum depth of cutting is well-proven at multi-pass machining, that allowed to formalize the task of planning of trajectories on draft machining and task optimization of the cutting mode.

The development of resources and energy saving measures in the electrode production

Схема завантаження заготовок у камері печі випалювання з використанням шару тирси у шарі засипки

The updated technology of electrode production has been developed as a sum of new and modernized technological schedules and industry equipment constructions. The actuality of the design of resources and energy saving measures in the electrode production was stated. The experimental temperature dependence of carbon materials physical properties was proved. Technical solutions of current equipment modernization were found out.

Development of software for risk operating analysis of electric power subsystems with nuclear power plants

The analysis of the conditions of operation of NPP with auxiliary systems in modern EPS of Ukraine was performed. The most probable set of events (incidents) that cause accidents in EPS with NPP was determined. The structure of risks of electrical connection of NPP and TPP with power system and blackout of auxiliary system of power plant under extreme external influences was formed.

Jet and cavitation devices forimprovement of energy efficient mechatronic systems in machinebuilding

Девятикоординатна система приводів з додатковим шестикоординатним приводом мікропереміщень

Іn this paper a new approach to the basic parameters choice of controlled spherical liquid friction supports spatial mechanisms using the Monte Carlo method is developed. A jet system adjusts the position of the sphere by changing the hydrodynamic resistance to flow at the exit slit hydrostatic, or combined balloon aerohydrostatic spherical bearings.

Heat transfer physical process at miniaturization an evaporation-condensing thermal stabilization systems

Вібраційні випробування мініатюрних теплових труб для застосування в проекті MASCOT

New complex mathematical model of heat transfer processes in conditions of evaporation-condensation systems (miniature heat pipes, thermosyphons and pulsating heat pipes) inner space decreasing was developed. Criterial relation for evaluation of miniature heat pipes heat transfer ability was obtained as a result of differential equations system and conditions of uniqueness analysis.

Increasing compressor stations efficiency due to using “Aquarius” technology for gas turbine engine heat utilization

It was suggested to apply the gas turbine plant «Aquarius» for regular gas-turbines engines heat utilization which transports natural gas in Ukrainian gas pipelines system. It is helped to create the modified energy saving technology for power engineering, industry, housing and communal services.

A new thermal diagram was offered and investigated. In this scheme was united in utilization complex a few regular gas turbines which helped to increase heat utilization of all compressor station.

The mathematical models and methods for planning and decision making in complex systems under uncertainty

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Research methods to increase the capacity of telecommunication broadband radioaccess systems, taking into account the requirements for error-rate performance

We propose a new generalized integrated approach for developing effective methods to increase the capacity of broadband radioaccess systems (BRAS) while providing the required error-rate performance and taking into account their characteristics, based on the interaction between system resources: energy and band. We obtained methods for improving the capacity of BRAS based on mathematical models, procedural, structural and systemic solutions for the effects of the time varying fading channel, thereby creating scientific basis for the creation of new next generation BRAS.

Working out of energy effective processes and the equipment for manufacture of different function polymeric pipes

Фотознімок ванни охолодження технологічної лінії виготовлення полімерних труб, впровадженої в ПП «Науково-виробнича фірма “Компласт”» (м. Київ)

Existing models and techniques of calculations of process of cooling of one- and multi-layered polymeric pipes of different function are analysed, the major factors influencing stability of process and quality of finished goods are considered. It is established that existing models and techniques concern only single-layered smooth pipes.