Математичні моделі

Development of technology for forming bilayer, resources preserving, corrugated plastic pipe products

The process of forming the corrugation with different geometrical parameters is investigated. The analysis of the indicators formability and the ability of polymeric material for welding is executed. The dependence of the wall thickness of the corrugated pipe for sloping walls, for vertical walls, for high and low profile, for different shapes set at different angles of the walls forms, for different width and height corrugation, for different sizes of products is determined. The technology of forming a two-layer corrugated tube of thermoplastic material is developed.

Optimization of the modes of exploitation of hybrid ekomobil is on the base of photo-electric batteries and biodiesel fuel

For the first time experimentally that the temperature coefficients of reaction pereesterifikatsii vegetable oil methyl alcohol are γ = 1,3 and do not meet the rule of van't Hoff for chemical reactions, so the change of temperature in the range of 20-60 º C did not reveal a significant impact on product yield and reaction rate in the whole .

Investigation of the novel semiconductor materials and compounds for implementation in the low-dimensional electron devices manufacturing technologies

Investigation of nanomaterials and prediction of ternary nitrides abilities was carries out for application in the development of ultrahighfrequency micro- and nanoelectronics components. Analysis of dynamical and highfrequency properties of ternary nitrides has shown the possibilities of its application for device development for frequencies up to the hundreds of gigahertz and formation of picosecond pulses.

System research and practical testing methodology to assess the complex geological processes

The analysis and theoretical-methodological grounding of mathematical models and numerical methods research lithodynamic processes of the earth surface on PEСM. Due to the great complexity and cumbersome computations to determine the stability coefficients of sliding slopes using variational methods for determining the sliding surfaces is possible only with the full computerization of such calculations.

Development of the special methods of theory of the field and perfection on their basis of spatial stochastic technological systems of metal-cutting machine-tools

Special methods of field theory, which are aimed at the study of vector and tensor fields of kinematic and dynamic parameters of the technological systems of machines. Methods used in studies of working systems machine tool spindles with cyclic changes of the field parameters. The laws of vibration field of one-dimensional and multi-dimensional continuum of dynamical systems tools. A fundamentally new method of description of stochastic spatial cutting forces in the form of a tensor field correlation moments of the projections of the random vector of the cutting force.

Development of mathematical models of choice of the optimum modes and perspective development of system connections of grids of Ukraine

The working out essence consists in creation of the specific mathematical apparatus intended for the decision of problems of optimization of operating conditions of a backbone network of the main ExtraHVAC transmission lines taking into account uniform distribution of parameters along length of such lines and estimation of features of wave processes by transfer on them of electric energy.

Development of discrete mathematical models of mixing and forming processes at preparation of new polymeric compositions.

The discrete mathematical models of processes of mixing at the unisothermal flow of fusions of polymeric compositions in the mixers ducting of static and dynamic types taking into account the change of their rheological properties from a deformation-temperature condition is developed. A method of the numeral computations of mixing processes of polymer fusions with other components in the mixers ducting of base configurations of extrusion and molding equipment is developed.

Development of the theory of construction the sensors systems end using the IP end the nano-microtechnologie

The advent of nano-technology and advances in communications has made it technologically feasible and economically viable to develop low-power devices that integrate general-purpose computing with multi-purpose sensing and wireless communications capabilities. It is expected that sensor networks will have a significant impact on a wide array of applications ranging to scientific, to industrial, to health-care, to domestic, to environmental.

Optimization of new technology for industrial production of cables with solid polymeric insulation for improvement of energetic networks of ultrahigh voltages.

The essence of development is to provide scientific and technical support of industrial production in Ukraine of world level EHV cables, which are not produced in CIS countries. The recommendations and technical solutions to optimization of new technology of cable production with solid polymer insulation for voltages up to 330 kV have been developed, in particular it has been developed new methods of optimization technology of insulation covering on the moving conductor and its nano-structural vulcanization in inclined type chamber. New methods are based on the development of: