The development of the diagnosing toolkit for guaranteed operation of the complex technical systems in the conditions of the uncertainties and destabilizing risk factors

Algorithmic toolkit for system estimation and forecasting of the guaranteed CTS functioning are proposed, the basis of which is the information platform for technical diagnostics. Algorithmic toolkit for guaranteed CTS operating implements the proposed concept and strategy for solving the problem of guaranteed CTS operating under the influence of destabilizing risk factors and uncertainties of various nature using the principle of timely identification of causes and preventing the transition to an abnormal mode with the estimating the margins of permissible risk for CTS indications.

Development of the information-analytical foresight system for social disasters caused by catastrophes and terrorism

An information-analytical foresight system was developed for the problem of social disasters. This system is based on using scenario analysis methodology for timely detection of reasons, modeling, study and mitigation of consequences of social disasters, caused by different reasons, particularly catastrophes and terrorism.

Technological features of prognostication of properties of fusions and structure of metal of foundings for work in extreme terms

Performed a comprehensive study of the casting, mechanical and special properties of heat-resistant and wear-resistant iron-based alloys in a wide range of chromium concentration, manganese, aluminum, carbon, titanium, and so on, are designed latest heat-resistant and wear-resistant alloys, depending on the specific operating conditions of the cast parts in extreme conditions . It created a database covering more than 600 brands of iron-based alloys, ferro alloys and all existing brands of steel and iron scrap.

System engineering of business-models, methods and software for the analysis of credit status of legal persons of Ukraine in conditions of uncertainty

The method of system engineering of business-models of organizational systems from the financial-investment activity, based on methodology of the system analysis and system engineering which, unlike available methods, considers features of organizational system due to use of business-structure (formalizes essence of organizational system), ontology (formalizes a sphere of activity of organizational system) and process of business-modelling (regulates creation of business-models) is developed.

Розробка методів оцінки стану підсистем ЕЕС при наявності зношеного електрообладнання та нечіткої інформації

Done formalized mathematical description of modes of the subsystems of EPS upon which suggests a comprehensive approach to assessing the risk of emergency as an indicator of reliability of power supply, which is a combination of likelihood of electrical equipment failure in fuzzy information and outside disturbances with statistical modelling of modes of the subsystems of EPS that allows consider the random failure of electrical equipment, stochastic nature of the mode, material and other consequences.