Development of resource saving system of power supply of cubeSat nano-satellites with thermal control solar cells

As a result of the work, an energy saving power supply system was created for the university space vehicle - nanosatellite (NS) PolyITAN-2 of the 2U CubeSat format when solving an important applied task - full-scale nanosatellite measurements of the parameters of the lower Earth thermosphere in the international project "QB50". Energy saving is a necessary condition of long period of functioning of NS.

Methods and tools for structural and parametric identification of electrical systems, processing line for the production of domestic cable with polymer-insulated extra-high voltage

In order to improve the quality of cable products, the idea of a multi-level system of structural and parametric identification of objects of the electrical complex of the technological line for the production of domestic cable with polymeric insulation on ultrahigh voltage is aimed at the main task. Systems guarantee correct, optimal for the main indicator of the quality of the solution of the problem under real conditions of structural, parametric and signal uncertainty and space-time limited data.

Protection of surface water bodies against pollution by nutrients and heavy metal ions

New methods have been developed for sample preparation and analysis of heavy metal ions in water based on polarography, which provide an accuracy of 2-6 orders of magnitude higher than those known today. Methods for determining trace concentrations of heavy metal ions in water have been developed. New processes of separation and removal of ions of heavy metals, chromates and other anions from acidic and alkaline solutions have been studied and developed to produce metals and chemical reagents suitable for reuse.

Heat transfer and gas dynamics of surface-vortex film cooling configurations of high- performance gas turbine engine blades

The novel technology was developed of heat transfer, gasdynamics, and film cooling efficiency prediction of high-performance gas turbine blades providing high accuracy of calculations.This technology takes into consideration stationary conditions and rotation of of cooled surface, blowing ratio, external flow speed, surface geometric shape (flat, concave, or convex), surface indentations configuration (spherical or rectangular), multi-row of coolant supply.

Expansion of the fuel base and improvement of environmental indicators of stationary and self-propelled systems with diesel engines through the use of gas diesel cycle

A universal gas diesel fuel supply system with microprocessor control (MPSS) for the conversion of diesels of stationary and transport facilities of average power, including military engines, to work on the gas-diesel cycle, which allows to improve the energy and environmental performance of the engine, reduce the consumption of diesel engines more expensive diesel fuel and attract cheap fuel for environmentally friendly gas to the fuel fund.

The increasing of efficiency and economy of the operation of the energetic equipment under different kinds of fuel and conditions of the load control

The experimental curves of the creep and the long-term strength of 25Kh1M1FA steel have been scientifically substantiated and proved by studying of the rotor of power unit No. 9 on the Luganskaya TES which had worked 275 thousand hours and reproduced all aging processes for the entire period of operation. The experimental curve of the long-term strength is supplemented taking into account the creep, which was limited a range of 175 thousands hours, up to 375 thousands hours.

Distributed systems for collecting experimental data on the basis of virtual IP-modules

Розподілені системи збору експериментальних даних на базі віртуальних ІР-модулів

A set of hardware and software for constructing distributed multi-channel microcontroller acquisition systems and processing of measurement information based on virtual measuring network networks supporting IP protocol, common digital interfaces, specialized CoAP/CoRE network protocols and flexible software configuration of measuring channels in a multitask environment is developed. An approach is proposed to construct systems for collecting and processing experimental data as a multilevel network of virtual measuring modules.

Development of the information-analytical foresight system for social disasters caused by catastrophes and terrorism

An information-analytical foresight system was developed for the problem of social disasters. This system is based on using scenario analysis methodology for timely detection of reasons, modeling, study and mitigation of consequences of social disasters, caused by different reasons, particularly catastrophes and terrorism.

Development and research of aluminum heat pipes with threaded capillary structure for cooling LED lighting devices.

For lighting in the world, 19 to 22% of the generated electricity is consumed. The introduction of energy-saving technologies in lighting systems will provide significant energy savings and improve the environmental state by reducing emissions of thermal power plants in the environment. One way to save energy in lighting is to switch to LED lighting. Light output of LED light sources is 10 times higher than the light output of incandescent lamps and 2 times - compact fluorescent lamps containing mercury.

Heterogeneous telecommunication systems based on the stratospheric platform using modern telecommunication technologies and hardware

The main obtained results are the development of scientific and technical principles for the creation of heterogeneous telecommunications systems of the next generation with high throughput, the nodes of which are located on the platform of the stratospheric unmanned aerial vehicle, which enables such a system to integrate into existing local communications, which are located in the coverage area of the aircraft.