Development of design tools and technology for the production of nonvolatile ferroelectric storage devices for high-performance critical-computer systems.

The use of slit high-frequency (HF) indirect cathode sources with indirect cooling of the target for the layer-by-layer deposition of the components on the substrate with their movement over the target surface is substantiated. Designs of sources for the deposition of ferroelectric film from zirconium-hafnium oxides and lead zirconate-titanate, focused on the use of targets with dimensions 68x30x5mm from powders of hafnium, zirconium, titanium, lead oxides, have been finalized.

Research methods of analysis of cryptographic information security systems in classical and quantum computing models with the additional data and operating conditions

Models for non-Markov SP networks that use several different S-blocks in one encryption round are built, and algorithms for calculating upper bounds for differential probabilities are specified. The criteria for the practical selection of ARX cryptographic primitives with certain properties based on the automatic evaluation of stability are developed. The cryptanalysis of the new blockchain encryption standard of Ukraine "Kalina" and separate units of the blockchain encryption standard of the Republic of Belarus STB 34.101.31-2011 "BeLT" has been carried out.

Cybercrime prevention system in opened information resources at the stage of content formation

“Public information in the form of open data” is public information in a format that makes it possible to carry out its automated processing by electronic means, open and free access to it, as well as its further using. Information managers are required to provide public information in the form of open data upon request, to publish and regularly update it on a state open data web portal and on their websites. Such information is permitted for its further free copying, publication, use and distribution.

A cloud-based platform for developing and managing critical IT infrastructures that process large amounts of data.

New information technologies have been created to support the design, operation management and development of critical IT infrastructures. Developed technologies provide a single platform which offer PaaS solutions for critical IT infrastructure implementation IaaS solutions for critical IT infrastructure deployment and production of appropriate IT management systems which performs big data processing. New models and methods have been created for integrateddevelopment, management, operation and

Development of a new generation of non-invasive passive acoustic system for measuring critical physiological parameters of the human brain and inner ear

A new generation of non-invasive acoustic system has been developed for measuring critical physiological parameters of the brain and human inner ear snail, which includes: Dynamic, real-time, single-channel passive acoustic thermometer with focus, which records its own thermal acoustic radiation of the human body in the megahertz range, and is safe for it, and is intended for non-invasive determination of deep temperature of the human brain and snail of the inner ear of the human; Computer complex, with electroencephalograph and headsets, for determination of frequency and power of brain rhythms, and implementation of non-invasive acoustic method of therapy with the help of complex audio-signals.

Designing modern service systems based on the example of m -Health for frontline settlement residents in the ATO area

The increasing complexity of modern information systems, including grid / cloud infrastructures, has led to the expansion of a modular approach to developing their software using standardized interfaces between parts, as foreseen by the Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) concept. This architecture is presented as a set of services and processes that can be combined, and modified over time according to changes in requirements with the help of workflow schedulers (workflows).

Research of integrated consumers energy supply systems with electric and thermal energy accumulation optimal functioning.

Complex study and scientific substantiation of energy hubs concept using possibilities as unit of integrated energy supply systems in Ukraine with the purpose of technical substantiation solutions for the development and creation of their operation control modes models, which helps to ensure optimal flow distribution between energy sources and consumers with consumers energy use efficiency increase.

Development and investigation of methods for medical images processing, recognition, protection, and storing in distributed computer systems

As a result of the project, methods for processing, recognition, and protection of medical images have been created. Within the framework of creating methods for processing and recognizing medical images, a method for segmenting medical images obtained using medical equipment with the allocation of objects of interest for diagnostic purposes and a method for training fuzzy neural networks were developed. Highly effective methods for classifying objects in medical images have been developed as well.

Methods and Systems for Managing Wireless Sensor Networks with Mobile Sensors, Telecommunications Ground Nodes and Aerial Platforms in an Emergency Zone

The Goal of the research work is to develop methodology and technical proposals for providing reliable communication and timely and high-quality information of search and rescue works in the emergency area on the basis of the use of wireless sensor networks with mobile sensors, telecommunication ground nodes and aero platforms and their efficient management while providing structures-functional connectivity of mobile sensors in conditions of their fast and unpredictable movement.