Creation of remote controlled platform of mobile robot for demining of high passage and maneuverability

A concept has been developed for the creation of a small-sized universal base chassis of a robot of high cross-country ability and maneuverability, which combines minimization of the dimensions and weight of mobile robots, a reduction in production costs due to a decrease in resource and material consumption, a significant expansion of the scope of use of mobile robots in areas where traditional large-sized equipment cannot be applied , the implementation of which is based on the use of chassis kinematic schemes, providing high cross-country ability on rough terrain and in houses with the a

Biotelemetric system of centralized multi-parameter express diagnostics and monitoring of human functional state

The ideology of spatially distributed biotelemetric system of collection, processing and storage of biomedical information using the concept of Internet of Things (IoT) is developed. The system consists of personal measuring devices for registration of a set of basic vital biosignals parameters (electrocardiography (ECG), electroencephalography (EEG) photoplethysmography (PPG), impedance), multichannel central server system.

Scientific and technical basis for the construction of new over-the-horizon communication systems using relay air platforms and artificial formations

The main result is the development of the concept of scientific and technical foundations for the creation of new high-speed over the-horizon communication systems (SPZ) with variable architecture using reference stations for tropospheric communication and relay intelligent air platforms and artificial formations.

Construction of Information-Analytical Platform for Scenario Analysis Based on Large Volumes of Weakly Structured Data

The research was aimed at creating an information-analytical platform that provides the conduct of scenario analysis for social, economic, ecological processes in complex systems with human factor, using deep analysis methods of large volumes of weakly structured data, aggregated from different sources, and expert approaches of

Electronic information resources dynamic list technology and their effective processing means in data centers with a heterogeneous structure

The main scientific results are the electronic information resources dynamic list technology and their effective processing means in data centers with a heterogeneous structure, which allows to ensure the full-function operation of the information resource management system and their processing. Due to the developed unified support tools, the effective computing processes organization in a heterogeneous environment allows to ensure uninterrupted, secure and controlled operation of the enterprise information system.

Multi-channel thermal imaging and television complex search-detection with noise-tolerant high-speed data transmission interface

Multi-channel infrared and visual complex with robust high-speed data transmission interface was developed using the physical and informational integration of thermal and visual channels (TC and VC respectively). Two variants of structural and functional organizations of the complex, which are based on Gigabit Ethernet or on multi-channel video interfaces that use special serializer-deserializer ICs and permits robust and fast transmission (1-3.3) Gbit/s on distances from 15 m up to 100 m were proposed.

Development of a wireless system for remote monitoring of the physical condition indicators of military and special forces personnel.

The unified MEMS technology of production of sensors of acoustic waves is created, the additional technological equipment and equipment is developed. The main difference of the proposed technology is the unification of special techniques and technological modes of manufacturing the basic structure, sensitive and piezoelectric layers of different sensors.

Application of stochastic, statistical and functional methods to analysis of asymptotic behavior of random fields

The project is aimed at studying asymptotic behavior of random fields and functionals related to them, as well as applications of obtained results to the theory of random processes, statistics of random processes, mathematical analysis and mathematical physics. While solving the set of tasks the following results were obtained.

Influence of ion irradiation on structure, absorption capacity and corrosion properties of nanosized metal compositions

It is shown that the method of bombardment of a nanothick vacuum-condensed metallic substance with low-energy ions is a promising tool for the purposeful formation of such gradient distributions of structural-phase states that provide new properties. New methodological approaches have been developed in the structural analysis of nanoscale materials using synchrotron radiation (with a photon flux density by 12 orders of magnitude, and an exposure duration 150 times shorter than provided by traditional methods of X-ray structural analysis).

Composite nanostructured materials with regulated the physicochemical properties

Prototypes of new catalysts and photocatalysts based on newly synthesized nanoscale metal oxides obtained, kinetic regularities of redox processes in which they participate in waste water determined. The experimental dependence of the degree of photocatalytic purification in model wastewater and the nature of the pollutant concentration established. Substantiation of technological parameters of the liquid-phase oxidation-reduction processes wastewater from the pollutants of various origins determined.