Development of disk connections between billets in columns and energy-efficient graphitizing regulations for electrodes in direct-heating furnaces

The requirements for electric contact joints between workpieces in the core columns of Kastner furnaces are formulated. The choice of a material - graphite foam - for making electric contact gaskets is justified. Rational form and thickness of electric contact pads have been determined, the glue for their fixation between electrode blanks has been selected. A mold for forming electrocontact pads has been developed and prototypes of pads of different shapes, thickness and density have been made in order to check their suitability for forming Kastner furnace core under industrial conditions.

Development of technical and technological schemes and control systems of heating systems based on thermodynamic approaches

Methodological, mathematical, algorithmic and software maintenance and support services have been developed and improved for optimizing structure, parameters and operation modes of new and improved solutions in heating systems based on renewable energy sources and energy efficient technologies (low-energy houses, low-temperature heating systems and high- temperature cooling systems, heat pumps and cogeneration plants, thermal storages, etc.).

Development of a system for monitoring and analysis of transient modes of electrical networks based on the processing of synchronous vector measurements

The essence of the development is to create and test the system of monitoring and analysis of electric networks modes of operation and automatic control of electric distribution networks based on new methods of processing data of synchronous vector measurements, as well as experimental validation of the developed technology to determine the features of its application in power grids with renewable energy sources.
The main results of the work are:

Development of the basic principles of designing manipulators of mobile robots of special purpose adapted for work with dangerous objects

The concept of development of the theory of designing of manipulators of mobile robots on the basis of the put forward idea of division of processes into various groups - macroprocesses and microprocesses is offered. Effective theoretical methods of research of working processes on the basis of stochastic tensor fields, generalized functions and screw calculus adapted to the tasks of research of mobile robot manipulators are applied.

Research and testing of the flight model of the university nanosatellite PolyITAN-3-PUT format Cubesat for remote sensing of the Earth

There are done improved development and modeling, manufacturing and research of subsystems - power supply, navigation and orientation with a flywheel - electromagnetic executing mechanism and sensors for determining the coordinates of the Sun, high-speed radio communication and telemetry, an optoelectronic scanner, control and data processing - a flight model of a nanosatellite (NS) PolyITAN-3 -PUT 3U CubeSat format for remote sensing of the Earth. Including were:
1. Manufactured and tested:
- design of the case and solar panels for power supply (EPP) NS,

Development of energy-efficient technical solutions for modernization of rotating furnaces of electrode production with partial replacement of natural gas with syngas

The gasification method with the highest value of the syngas calorific value and the prototype of equipment for calcining carbon-containing bulk material are substantiated. A mathematical model of the process of gasification of bulk carbon containing material in a drum-cooler of a rotary kiln was developed, based on a continuous-discrete formulation of the interaction of a mixture of reacting gases with a discrete solid phase, taking into account the turbulent flow regime and thermal radiation.

Development of technical recommendations for the creation of processes for the preparation of thermoplastic polymer composite materials and the formation of intelligent products from them

As a result of the work, a new technology for the production of intelligent polymer composite materials using sensors that provide the ability to obtain a sufficient level of information about the state of the polymer composition and products from them to manufacture on their basis responsible structural products.

Development of theory and circuit solutions of non-minimum-phase planar filters with mixed couplings for telecommunications

The object of the study is non-minimal-phase radio-wave filters of planar design (stripline and microstrip), which, in addition to reflection-type resonators, contain through-type resonators, and which use mixed electromagnetic couplings between resonators.
The subject of research is the influence of mixed electromagnetic coupling on the frequency characteristics of more complex non-minimal-phase planar filters, which should lead to the creation of a new theory.

Theoretical and practical grounds of quality assurance of intaglio printe

The project is aimed to solve an important scientific and technical problem of ensuring the quality of protected printed products from counterfeiting: creation of scientific bases for color layers formation for metallographic printing (intaglio printing), which is the main type of printing for production securities, including banknotes. Based on theoretical and experimental research of, the scientific principles of purposeful quality management for products protected from counterfeiting have been developed.

Theoretical and experimental study of nanostructured functional materials perspective for gas sensors and optoelectronics

The work aims to create, experimental and theoretical study of nanostructured functional materials based on Si, Ge, C and ZnO in order to determine their fundamental properties for further use of these materials in optical and sensor electronics, in particular as electrically active elements, thin functional layers, light-emitting materials in optoelectronic devices, means of visualization, light indication and gas sensors and subwavelength optical micromechanical devices.