Computer-integrated systems for the design and manufacture of complex shapes based on modern generation of surface processes

In the course of work on the basis of the developed theory of interactive methods of control of formation of a difficult surface: by placement of an initial surface by means of functional dependences of geometry of a surface and parameters of space, the software integrating with CAD / CAM systems, namely the COPTeR software for space management is developed.

Creation of breakthrough technologies for manufacturing components of irregular shape from composite materials for extreme operating conditions

The fundamentals of non-trivial additive technologies of 3D-printing and cold spraying (CS) for the manufacture of complex-shaped products from cermet and ceramic composites, as well as from multicomponent metal alloys, which are fundamentally different from existing analogs of costly foundry methods ensure the level of material properties required for their operation at temperatures above 600 °C, under conditions of high-speed multiple heating-cooling (1500 deg/min), cyclic loading and in an aggressive oxidizing environment.

High reliability local positioning navigation system

Algorithmic and technological approaches to the technological-constructive and algorithmic-software integration of the complex of navigation-visual modules and sensors are determined. A patent information study was carried out on a number of technical and technological solutions. A physical and mathematical model for solving navigation problems with the structure of a local navigation positional system has been developed. Optimal design parameters and operating modes of robotic platforms for a local navigation system have been developed.

Scientific bases of mechanochemical UIT-synthesis of wear-resistant coverings of structural alloys of aviation equipment for increase of military ability

A new approach to the creation of composite wear-resistant coatings is proposed, which consists in realizing the advantages of combining the effect of mechanical nanocrystallization and mechanochemical reactions in the near-surface layers treated with ultrasonic impact treatment (UIT) in chemically active and inert media. This fundamentally distinguishes the proposed technique from the known methods of synthesis of bulk composite materials and provides more effective, compared to heat treatment and standard UIT schemes, surface hardening.

Highly efficient modification of the metal surface with environmentally friendly compounds to provide new functional properties

Obtained ecologically safe compounds (organic compounds from plant extracts) for the formation of a passivation layer and modification of metal surfaces that meet global trends in the concept of sustainable development of "green" chemistry and "green" economy for enterprises.

R&D of new "hybrid" frame materials to increase the stability of the electrodes and the productivity of contact welding technology

The regularity of the formation of framework materials in the LaB6-TiB2-Cu systems was Regularities of formation of frame materials in the LaB6-TiB2-Cu system are established. Establishing the influence of technological parameters of the production process in the conditions of spark-plasma sintering and surface modification of ceramic reinforced particles on the structure, mechanical and electrical properties of the refractory frame. Spark-plasma sintering by temperatures of 850 ° C-1100 ° C was obtained composites (LaB6-TiB2) -Cu, with a content of refractory compound 2.5-70 vol.%.

The improvement of the methods of the human capital development as a factor of increasing for Ukraine’s mobilization potential

The main threat for increase of the Ukraine’s mobilization potential is global tendence of liberalizetion of civil-military relations. The state structures should control the population to provide the mobilization activities. Unfortunately, it is not relevant to contemporary situation in Ukraine. The most of Ukrainian youth is not ready to protect its homeland or take part in other forms of defence.

The use of electrolysis in the creation of waste-free water purification processes

Methods of water pre-treatment before baromembrane installations in order to remove the predominant amount of salts are proposed. The technological scheme of obtaining high-quality permiate in the amount of 90-95% of the initial volume of water during its preliminary stabilization treatment has been developed. The influence of various factors on the quality and yield of permiate has been established.

Optical-digital processor for thermal imaging surveillance systems image processing

This paper investigates ways to increase the efficiency of coherent optical spectrum analyzers (COSA). The increase in efficiency is achieved through usage of space-time discrete light modulator in the COSA input and through recording of the spatial spectrum with a matrix detector (MD). The matching of the parameters of the modulator, Fourier lens and MD allowed to improve the technical characteristics of COSA. The matching means the choice of parameters of COSA’s components, which allow to obtain improved characteristics of the COSA.

System for ultrasonic cavitation water treatment

A clear analysis of the efficient cavitation technologies and ultrasonic cavitation technological possession and the possible way to improve the efficiency of technological processes for the development of the stem of the cavitators with the high intensity of the ultrasound intensity
Found the main types of microorganisms, which can be present at the bacterially obstructed middle.
Carrying out prior microbiological follow-up to the flow of ultrasonic examination on microorganisms from the exemptions of the current acts.