Energy and energy efficiency

Scientific and methodological fundamentals of structural and parametric in flexible distribution system in terms of electricity market

The scientific-technical and methodological basis:
 build flexible power systems, algorithms and software for the calculation of optimal structural-parametric layout decisions based on the forecast charts covering loads of power supply systems (PSS);
 definition of rational structure and parameters of complex sources of distributed generation, in accordance with the conditions of their use, taking into account economic, environmental, social and other factors;

Creation of wideband high frequency measuring amplifiers and systems of their research and metrological attestation

The performance behavior of amplifiers with series-additive operational amplifiers for voltages up to 1000 V has been determined. An automated system for research on broadband amplifiers has been designed. Experimental samples of the amplifier for voltages up to 1000 V in the frequency range up to 100 kHz and multi-channel measurement system for constant and alternating voltage and current, power, phase shifts, nonlinear distortion and temperature measurements have been designed and fabricated.

Development of methods and means of diagnosing of efficiency of fixed installations to create energy management systems mining companies

Developed a comprehensive approach to the problem of optimizing energy consumption, improving energy efficiency and sustainability of the most energy-intensive consumers, mining companies and mining installations by applying the means of diagnosing their energy efficiency, energy-saving systems of electric drive control devices, power quality and introduction of technological measures for saving energy.

The development of methods of prolongation of high temperature elements operation of energetic and industrial equipments

In the energy sector of Ukraine there are a significant number of different power boilers, furnaces, drying, gas turbines etc., which exhausted their service life. The experience in the operation of such systems has shown that one of the problems of their functioning is a significant discrepancy between the actual and the calculated distribution of the heat flow in the combustion chamber. This results in thermal distortions in the equipment elements occurrence stresses and lead to crash.

Cascade centrifugal vaporizers for the devices of water of new generation treatment

The comparative tests of multi-stage centrifugal distillers are conducted with two types of heat-pumps – mechanical steam compressor and thermo-electric heat-pump, advantages and lacks of their use are certain in the systems of life-support for space aircrafts with a crew onboard. Developed and executed measures on modernization of construction and separate elements of centrifugal distiller and thermo-electric heat-pump, that allowed to promote efficiency of their work.

Physical modelling and research of navigation, orientation and communication subsystems characteristics of the CubeSat format educational nanosatellite

Object of research is the educational nanosatellite (further NS) a format 2U CubeSat.
Objects of research are a subsystem of navigation for NS on an earth orbit with receiver GPS/GLONASS, a subsystem of orientation of NS, a subsystem of communication of NS to ground station with a format of data interchange AX.25 and BPSK modulation.
The operation purpose is development of subsystems of navigation, orientation and communication of NS by methods of physical modeling and an experimental research of the main parameters of subsystems.

Development of energy and industrial cooling systems with natural draft which based on a new element base

Continuous growth in cooling water shortages and increase of environmental requirements through thermal pollution is closely linked with the problem of rational use of water resources and reducing water-intensive technologies. This necessitates the usage of modern energy technologies and their upgrading with help of existing cooling systems in a variety of industries.

Creation of resonant energy-efficient installation for the certification tests of domestic cables with modern insulation on high and ultra-high voltages

Electric circuit diagrams and technical solutions, which improve technology formation of low-frequency ultrahigh voltages (up to 500 kV) for certified tests of power cables with modern po-lymeric insulation on voltages to 330 kV are developed.
Circuit diagrams and solutions are based on practical realization of a power series resonant contour with adjustable precision Q-factor (Q ≈ 40) in the test installation that provides formation of resonant test voltages with instability ≤ 1 %.

Development and research of energy-saving LED chandeliers with heat pipes for indoor lighting.

Up to 30% of the produced electricity is being spent on the lighting in Ukraine. Therefore, the problem of energy saving in lighting stands very seriously. Introduction of energy-saving technologies in the internal lighting systems will provide significant energy savings and improve the ecological condition by reducing atmospheric discharges of thermal power plants.

The development of methods of prolongation of reliable and economical operation energy generating objects during variable mode of operation

The technological and economic analysis of existing and long-rang power generation technologies is maid. The performance testing and production costs for modernized and advanced units are determined. The criteria optimizations, necessary technological, economic and regime restrictions and balance values were find.