Energy and energy efficiency

Power saving and adaptive complex of impuls and resonance action for extraction oil deposits and minerals

The fundamental principles of the applied theory of the energy-efficient adaptive operation of the complex for pulse-resonance destruction of rocks and reservoir rocks in oil well were formulated. CAD for the elements of energy-efficient adaptive complex with pulse-resonance actuating device was developed. It allows for the automated control of the complex with minimum energy consumption and maximum impact on rocks.

Creation of energy saving and seismically safe blasting technologies for quarry mining

Getting new data on the mechanism and regularities of formation of amplitude-frequent spectrum of the seismic impulse, depending on the construction of industrial charges, parameters of network borehole charges, interval and sequence of shortlyretarded explosion, way of initiating charges of industrial explosives.

Development the prinсiples of construction multifactor monitoring and functional diagnostics electromechanical systems for stationary plants at mining enterprises

The purpose of the work is to increase energy efficiency of the electromechanical systems of stationary mining enterprises by monitoring in real time of their current operating parameters and diagnosing and evaluating energy and technical conditions to identify inefficient modes and make informed decisions about further exploitation. The paper solved the urgent scientific and practical task of improving the energy efficiency of electromechanical systems of the mine fixed installations with asynchronous motors.

Developing models and methods of the integrated systems management and control of energy use efficiency

The methodology of determination of optimal structure (composition of generating and accumulating equipment) and parameters of integrated distribution systems (microsystems) have been created on the basis of methods of multicriteria optimization considering technical, economic, social, ecological, meteorological factors, regional peculiarities of energy supply, in particular availability of local fuel, energy and labour resources, existing structure of centralized power supply system.

Розробка методів оцінки стану підсистем ЕЕС при наявності зношеного електрообладнання та нечіткої інформації

Done formalized mathematical description of modes of the subsystems of EPS upon which suggests a comprehensive approach to assessing the risk of emergency as an indicator of reliability of power supply, which is a combination of likelihood of electrical equipment failure in fuzzy information and outside disturbances with statistical modelling of modes of the subsystems of EPS that allows consider the random failure of electrical equipment, stochastic nature of the mode, material and other consequences.

Optimization of the modes of exploitation of hybrid ekomobil is on the base of photo-electric batteries and biodiesel fuel

For the first time experimentally that the temperature coefficients of reaction pereesterifikatsii vegetable oil methyl alcohol are γ = 1,3 and do not meet the rule of van't Hoff for chemical reactions, so the change of temperature in the range of 20-60 º C did not reveal a significant impact on product yield and reaction rate in the whole .

Development and investigation on the newly profiled heat pipes application to solar collectors with selective coating of the absorber

Extruded aluminum heat pipes are the subject of the development, simulation, and experimental study; and solar collector with applied Ukrainian made extruded aluminum heat pipes is the object of the development. The aim of the development consists in the creation of the principally original domestic solar collector design, where highly efficient heat absorber made of aluminum heat pipes with selective coating is used…

Development of the passive thermal control systems with heat pipes for the typical tasks of space instrument-making

The equalizations of thermal balance for the system «space vehicle – device – thermal control system – space environment» for a thermosensitive device taking into account heat transmission , realized by heat pipes, are theoretically grounded. On the basis of analysis of these equalizations for the boundary conditions of device function a new thermal conception of construction of the effective thermal control system of class of scientific devices, which have not own heat generation is offered and experimentally researched.

Investigation of the system of high concentration fuel supply under the pressure for highreaction fuels and energysaving gas burners for boilers.

The analysis of results of works, which were carried out on the problem of oxidation and self-ignition of coal for improving accuracy of the program of investigation of coal self-ignition, was carried out.