Energy and energy efficiency

Creation of scientific and technological foundations for the development of advanced high-performance heat transfer surfaces.

The design of flat-oval profile steel tubes with the incomplete fins is investigated for use as heat transfer surfaces. Such surfaces have several important advantages: the material - carbon steel, manufacture of low-cost technology – contact welding of the fins on the tube; improved thermal efficiency as compared with steel tubes of round profile, aerodynamic drag of flat-oval tubes with incomplete fins for 40...50 % below the tube of round profile.

Optimization of new technology for industrial production of cables with solid polymeric insulation for improvement of energetic networks of ultrahigh voltages.

The essence of development is to provide scientific and technical support of industrial production in Ukraine of world level EHV cables, which are not produced in CIS countries. The recommendations and technical solutions to optimization of new technology of cable production with solid polymer insulation for voltages up to 330 kV have been developed, in particular it has been developed new methods of optimization technology of insulation covering on the moving conductor and its nano-structural vulcanization in inclined type chamber. New methods are based on the development of:

Automatic control of heat power plant in changing operation modes

Automatic control systems heat power processes which function in changing modes are object of research. New methods of creation, algorithms and structures of control systems which are created with usage of a principle of changing of structure, parameter optimization, search algorithms, operative correction of control actions, and also algorithms which allow to consider existing restrictions on controlling and controlled signals are a development.

Development of methodology, software and hardware systems, diagnosis and management of power boilers

This work discusses about a techniques, algorithms and software systems for diagnosis and management of energy steam boilers. Have been developed the diagnostic model of control of the intensity of service life and postoperative diagnostics of the most heat-stressed elements of steam boilers in the form of a software layout and investigated its characteristics. Have been developed the technique and algorithms for optimization of boilers, depending on the factors of reliability and efficiency.

Development and research equalincreased heat transfer surfaces for gas turbine regenerators of Ukrainian gas transport system.

Study and analysis of existing information enabled the development of the construction of a new steel tube equal developed helical type for use as a heat transfer surface air heaters-regenerators for gas compressor units, which are used in compressor stations Ukrainian gas transport system. This surface has several advantages: production with cheaper technology – roller burnishing of circular tube with granular material or liquid for making backpressure inside the tube.

Development of control instrument for mining industry power streams setting with norms and analysis

The purpose of the project is the creation of the CAS management of mining enterprise power streams with software development to determine specific energy consumption, and its analysis on the basis of modern mathematical methods: theories of patterns recognitions, artificial networks, balance methods for workstations of all levels .

Development and introduction educational-experimental settings from the production of diesel biopropellant

Executed development of technical document and made educational- experimental setting from the production of biodiesel fuel. Setting is mounted on the department of refurbishable energy of NTUU “KPI” sources and geared-up for the educational use.

The method of calculation of amount of raw biomaterial which can be got for the production of biosubstitutes of petrol and dizpaliva from oil is offered, which allows first to take into account distributing of areas of growing of sil'gospkul'tur depending on crop rotations and decide a problem “food or fuel”.

Modern conception, methodological basics and means of sustainable progress Ukrainian Energy sector development

There were realized the further development of integrated resource planning theory for solving the hybrid system building tasks, mathematical models and decision making methods. Criteria and main strategic directions of reforms in power engineering, with the consideration of current infrastructure, and integration the distributed generation into existing energy supply systems, were determined.

Investigation of thermal regulating characteristics of the heat pipe systems for space instrument making

The equations of thermal balance for system « space vehicle – device – thermocontrol system – the space environment» for the thermosensitive device are elaborated with the account of heat transfer, which heat pipes realize. On basis of the analysis of these equations for device boundary conditions a new thermal concept of creation of effective thermal control systems of electronic devices with gas-regulated heat pipes is offered and checked experimentally.

Models of residual life forcasting and astimation of risk of power station equipment failures in the conditions of information illegibility in case of disturbancy in the Electric Power System (EPS)

The complex solving of problems of forecasting of residual life of EPS power stations and subsystems electrical equipment and estimation of risk of power supply reliability decreasing in case of electrical equipment failures is in the conditions of an illegibility, incompleteness of the information and practical absence of the mathematical description of the electric equipment processes with the aim of determining the residual life.