Energy and energy efficiency

Development of energy saving technologies in gas turbines to produce electricity, heat and water in the arid regions of Ukraine

Intensification of the process of dispersing the liquid through the use of hot water made it possible to develop a new technology for the fine spray of water without using high initial pressure, which greatly simplify the system of water supply to the flow of cyclic air in order to implement a highly efficient process of evaporative cooling cyclic air GTE. The use of superheated water implements explosive boiling of the water jet exiting the nozzle, allowing to achieve the necessary quality of atomization without the use of high pressure nozzles and complicated construction.

The development of the technology of combustible waste and alternative fuel gases using on the basis of their high effective burning

With the aim of increasing of the efficiency of using of solid fractional waste agricultural and industrial production the investigations on burning waste by «moving» fluidized bed on the experimental bench was conducted. Due to the intensity of the process of mass transfer heat intensity burning mirrors in 1.5 - 2 times higher than that produced by burning fuel by other methods.

Automating the monitoring of geological environment in the zone of influence of NPP construction

The automated system for monitoring the geological environment in the zone of influence of nuclear facilities was developed, in which tasks of monitoring the state of soils were implemented by creating a digital model of soils. This model is a database of real and virtual wells, as well as its support tools.

The development of highly efficient and environmentally friendly burner system fired utility power

For steam and hot water boilers installed burners known requirements to systems, namely, versatility, reliability, stability and stabilization ignition combustion front widely, given intensity mixing software, ensuring the completeness of combustion gas with minimal excess air ratio, maintainability, high energy environmental efficiency, minor upgrades and payback period. These requirements were the basis for drafting the burner system for municipal energy boilers.

Optimization of power consumption shaft fixed installations with the use of diagnostic tools is their energy efficiency

Developed a comprehensive approach to the problem of optimization of energy consumption, improving energy efficiency and sustainability of the most energy-intensive consumers of mining companies - mining fixed installations (SSU) by applying diagnostic tools is their energy efficiency, energy-saving drive systems, control devices power quality and introduction of technological measures for its economy. Developed methods and tools allow you to replace existing technology diagnostic and service equipment - service "regulations" more advanced technology services "actual status".

The development of resources and energy saving measures in the electrode production

The updated technology of electrode production has been developed as a sum of new and modernized technological schedules and industry equipment constructions. The actuality of the design of resources and energy saving measures in the electrode production was stated. The experimental temperature dependence of carbon materials physical properties was proved. Technical solutions of current equipment modernization were found out.

The development of the formula of fire-resistant fettling and heat insulation of the furnaces in the electrode production

The new formula of carbon granular materials for fettling and thermal insulation of hightemperature equipment in the electrode production has been developed. The necessity to change the multicomponent thermal insulation charge on the carbone coke basis monocomponent charge was proved.

Development of models and methods integrated management systems for effective energy education facilities

Entities of the higher education branch similar to other budgetary financing structures primari-ly require the systems approach in efficiency of energy consumption management and analysis. Methodology of the energy management system in education branch was developed. It is based on the energy consumption and energy saving three-level processes control system of the branch entities.

Development of methodological principles of intellectualization of processes of generation and distribution of electricity in integrated systems with active consumer

The scientific, technical and methodological bases for intellectualization of processes of generation and distribution of electricity (components of the Smart Grid concept) in integrated energy systems with prosumers are determined. The scientific aspects of the concept of smart electricity system are formed. The processes of generation and consumption of electrical energy in the integrated systems for electricity supply were studied, assessment of the impact of tariffs differentiated by time zones for the formation of power consumption schedule was held.

Development of software for risk operating analysis of electric power subsystems with nuclear power plants

The analysis of the conditions of operation of NPP with auxiliary systems in modern EPS of Ukraine was performed. The most probable set of events (incidents) that cause accidents in EPS with NPP was determined. The structure of risks of electrical connection of NPP and TPP with power system and blackout of auxiliary system of power plant under extreme external influences was formed.