Fundamental research

Mathematical models and methods creation for hierarchical planning and decision making in production systems with limited resources

The overall fundamental problem to be solved by the project is the development of mathematical models and methods of hierarchical planning and decision making in a complex organizational and production systems with network representation of technological processes and limited resources.

Nanoparticle surface dynamics in the diffusive modes of transformation, development of methods of controlled synthesis and regulation of nanoobjects selfarrangement processes

публікації за матеріалами досліджень

Methods for morphology control in a process of nanostructures growth by deposition of atoms diffusing from solution to the forming surface are developed. Surface restructuring is considered, yielding morphologies of interest in catalysis. Shape selection for nanoparticles and surface nanostructures occurs in appropriate "nonequilibrium" regime of properly balanced rates of various processes.

Using logical-probabilistic approach for enhancing security of a systems with complex structure

Структурна схема

Created new science concept, new methods of analysis and control in the field of security of complex systems. Constructed new logical-probabilistic models allows to formalize the description of complex systems security problems and ensure a unified methodological framework for its solution. Created new scientific approaches for constructing a new class of complex information security systems.

Thermal processes at growh of non-activated scintillational materials

The object of research is the directed crystallization partly of semitransparent materials from melt. The subject of research is mathematical models of radiation-conductive and radiation-convective heat exchange. Mathematical models and techniques of numeral solution of tasks of ra-diation-convective heat exchange are worked out taking into account influence of impurities in melt on an asorptance and selectivity of optical properties of semitransparent crystal and melt.

The gas discharge decreasing in the great and small energetic and on Ukraine compression stations on the basis of introductions of closed gas turbine and thermodynamically forced two-fuels monic technology

The new enthalpy-entropy method of the thermodynamic analysis of gas turbine cycles and combined on their basis energetic installations is developed. Methods of the thermodynamic forcing, at the first, of basic gas turbine installations by connection to them of closed gas turbines, which produce additional electric energy by utilization of the gas turbine exhaust gases heat potential, and, at the second, one-fuel monic gas-steam installations with using of the steam extended expansion turbines is proposed.

Formation of stable nanoscaled magnetic FePt films for high-density magnetic recording and information storage

Схема розробки

It is developed new approach for diffusion formation of stable nanoscaled magnetic-hard FePt films with chemically ordered L10(FePt)FCT phase at using additional layers of alloying elements (Ag, Au, Cu) with low surface energy. The energy of interface between layers was applied as additional superior-driving force for acceleration of thermally activated processes of chemical ordering FePt film and decreasing of temperature (~ 100oC) of phase transformation of chemically disordered magnetic-soft А1(FePt)FCC to chemically ordered magnetic-hard L10(FePt)FCT phase with superstructure.

Investigation of statistical characteristics of partially coherent laser beams for application in optical communication systems

Electro-magnetic waves propagation in atmosphere is of great theoretical and practical interest because using laser radiation for information transmission through the earth's atmosphere has many obvious advantages over traditional communication methods. However, fluctuations of the refractive index in the atmosphere, caused by turbulence, lead to the optical field fragmentation in the detecting area and to the beam wondering in regards to the initial direction.

Heat transfer physical process at miniaturization an evaporation-condensing thermal stabilization systems

Вібраційні випробування мініатюрних теплових труб для застосування в проекті MASCOT

New complex mathematical model of heat transfer processes in conditions of evaporation-condensation systems (miniature heat pipes, thermosyphons and pulsating heat pipes) inner space decreasing was developed. Criterial relation for evaluation of miniature heat pipes heat transfer ability was obtained as a result of differential equations system and conditions of uniqueness analysis.

Spectral characteristics of magnetically ordered low-dimensional nano- and micro-objects in the exchange mode

Залежності коефіцієнтів відбиття   та   для різних гілок спінової хвилі від частоти спінової хвилі  та величини зовнішнього магнітного поля.

The theory was developed of propagation of spin waves in two-sublattice antiferromagnet with uniaxial magnetic anisotropy and ferromagnetic nano-shaped spherical nanoshell, nanoshell of an ellipsoid of rotation form ("nanorise"), cylindrical nanotubes of circular (circular cylinder) and elliptical (elliptical cylinder) section and for arbitrary ferromagnetic nanosystems with transmitting symmetry.

The size effects in the structures based on silicon carbide

1  світлодіодний імітатор випромінювання зірок; 2  еталонний широкосмуговий випромінювач на діапазон 250700 нм; 3  імпульсний випромінювач з радіатором; 4  імпульсний випромінювач.

Conditions for creation of light emitting diodes working in electrical breakdown regime have been determined. The floatable technology have been used. Light emitting diodes obtained is possible to use as standards of power and spectral composition of radiation, and although for creation of sources of short light impulses. Constructions of these devices, laboratorial technology of their fabrication, elements of metrological support have been worked out.
Emitters on SiC-basis operating in the electrical breakdown regime have the following superior characteristics: