Fundamental research

Development of theoretical foundations and principles of design mikroperetvoryuvachiv mechanical quantities into electrical value based on MEMS and Nanotechnology

A device for determining of the distance to an object and its motion with non-contact method. Designed device also allows an additional function, namely, to measure the distance to the further point of clear vision of the human eye and to measure the value of eye refractive error. In this case this distance meter turns into ophthalmic refractometer.

The methodology of quantitative estimation and analysis of a society based on knowledge

A model of comprehensive quantitative assessment of the development of a society based on knowledge, using the system utility theory, was built. Simulation for countries and regions of Ukrain was provided, the results of which was used for creating thematic panels for presentation and analysis of the research results on-line. In the course of the investigation also method of verification applied models of complex systems based on the operations of aggregation and generalization and the use of equivalent transformations for categories that describe the subject area was established.

Creation of theoretical bases of apodized signal processing devices crystal-like structures

Fundamental physics and mathematics principles of complex wave structures needed for research and development of complex crystal-like structures and signal processing devices based on them were created. The generalized impedance model of different wave nature barrier structures is developed. In the analysis of structures impedance model allows use of the nonuniform transmission lines theory.

Fundamentals of design and creation of heteroepitaxial structures of perovskite materials for instrument

The dependence of the concentration of lead and calcium Raman spectra (RS) films of lead titanate-calcium Pb1-xCaxTiO3 (PCT), it is determined that the substitution of Pb Ca on the general nature of the spectra does not change even when x = 0.45 Raman spectra correspond to tetragonal ferroelectric phase, which is implemented in pure PCT. It was revealed that the soft mode component A1(TO) in the film-lanthanum titanate lead Pb0.9La0.1TiO3 (PLT) has a frequency of 280 cm-1 and significantly shifted to lower frequencies with an increase in the content of La.

Creation of theoretical principles of an integrated system of early diagnosis and prediction of the development of vibration disease symptoms

On the basis of technology TONTOR reasonably new principles of integrated combination of sensors BTO system that will allow not only the early detection of disease, but also carry out preventive measures to detect vibration characteristics.

Capacity SiO2/Al2O3-cathode of lithium power sources depending on the energy redistribution of the electrons caused by the conditions of synthesis of nanocomposites

The charge capacity of cathodes of lithium power sources (LIPS) depends on the degree of implementation of the ions in the structural channels, defects and other features of the developed surface of nanosized materials. Interaction ions of lithium with the ions which are on the surface nanoparticles directly dependent on the energy distribution of the valence electrons, particularly a negatively-charged ions. It is important to identify change of these characteristics as a result of methods of synthesis of nano-sized composites.

The theory research of temperature field of biofuels termoanemometrychnoho new flow using algorithmic methods, apparatus of artificial neural networks

A new scientific concept, new methods and means of improving the flow of new termoanemometrychnoho (TAB) (patent of Ukraine), the theoretical bases of research of temperature field of biofuels. Increased accuracy (1.5%) compared with the known works (3%), high speed 10 times. A further practical use new software and hardware for computer-based (patent of Ukraine), which provides automated measurements in real time while documenting information in the right form (figures, graphs, tables) that extends the functionality.

Scientific principles, methods and techniques to reduce the impact of low-frequency oscillations in the power modes of the United Power System

Analysis of accidents in electric power systems (EPS) of the world has shown that one of the reasons for their occurrence is poor damped low-frequency oscillations (LFO). This requires solving of the complex problem aimed to reduce the LFO impact and increase the stability of the EPS. For the interconnected power system (IPS) of Ukraine, which is characterized by relatively weak interconnections in the conditions of rising of amount of distributed energy sources (RES) to solve these problems it is particularly important.

Physical-technical principles of the constructional and technological solutions on the thin-film nanocrystalline silicon solar cells and heterojunction А3В5 solar cells

Integrated optimization of production technology of radiation-resistant solar cells based on the A3B5 heterojunctions, on the single-crystal silicon as well as on the nanocrystalline silicon films doped with rare earth elements formed by the method of synthesis of nanocrystalline silicon thin-film layers. Technological operations for manufacturing of high-performance radiation-resistant nanocrystalline silicon thin film solar cells and the A3B5 heterojunction solar cells have been developed and practically realized.

Developing of the aircraft’s wing construction elements lifetime prediction method duringmacrocracksinitiation stage with kinetics of scattered damage accumulation

The main result is a qualitative and quantitative assessment of the impact of complex operational and constructional and technological factors (geometric dimensions and the degree of plastic deformation of the material) on the parameters of the cyclic strength of elements of the power structure aircraft with functional openings in its infancy macrocracks taking into account the kinetics of accumulation of scattered damage.