Fundamental research

Regularities of quasihydrostatic compression influence on structure and mechanical properties of crystalline metal-like substances and quasicrystalline metallic materials

Regularities of quasihydrostatic compression influence on  structure and mechanical properties of crystalline metal-like  substances and quasicrystalline metallic materials

For the first time physical representations and theoretical assumptions about the regularities of the influence of quasi-hydrostatic compression, as the most stringent conditions of deformation, on the composition, phase transformations, structure, strength and plastic properties of crystalline metal-like and quasicrystalline metal phases, including titanium hydride with a high hydrogen content and Al-Fe-Cr alloy with finely dispersed particles of quasicrystalline phases.

Theoretical principles of processing of discrete functions with a modular argument and their use for monitoring of human biotelemetric data under emergency situations

The research is aimed to creating of new methods for digital data processing in real time, transmission of the signals under the noise conditions, application of ontological decision-making systems for reducing the time of determining the critical human state and applying an emergency care.

Robust adaptive control of electromechanical systems with improved dynamic performances and energy efficiency

Типова структура системи векторного керування

The theory of analysis and synthesis of adaptive electromechanical systems with vector-controlled electrical motors is developed and generalized. Proposed theory allows synthesizing automatic control systems with the properties of robustness to electrical motor parameters variations, thereby improving their dynamic performances and efficiency. Methods for robust adaptive estimation of immeasurable coordinates and identification of unknown parameters of electromechanical converters are developed.

Hydrodynamics and heatmass trasfer in the contact heat utilizator of gas-droplet type

Загальний вигляд експериментальної установки

Scientific work is devoted to experimental research, aimed at improving the efficiency of contact heat and mass transfer units by increasing the interfacial surface of heat and mass transfer during the liquid spraying by centrifugal nozzles, implementation of which results in significant savings of material and energy resources.

Physical principles of creation of new elements of optically-electronic devices on a base mono- and nanoсrystallical silicon carbide

Physical and technological problems of creation of optical radiators and photodetectors, which use the phenomenon of electrical breakdown for its application in optical-electronic devices, are investigated. The usage of silicon carbide with its super-unique properties allows to solve the actual problem of creating of radiation stable, high temperature element basis for the systems of atomic industry, nuclear energy, military and space techniques.

Spin wave propagation in heterogeneous modulated ferromagnetic structures with complex interfaces

Залежності інтенсивностей відбиття  спінових хвиль  | ρ | 2 від частоти та  зовнішньог о магнітного поля для мультишарової структури зі складними інтерфейсами

A theory is developed for the reflection of spin waves from periodic modulated ferromagnetic structures with complex interfaces, taking into account the generalized boundary conditions including the inhomogeneous character of the contact boundaries of two homogeneous media formed as a result of the superposition of crystal lattices of two contacting

Heat and mass transfer during condensation of water steam from the products of combustion on the surface of profilled finning tubes

Full-scale development in Ukraine of a huge potential for energy saving due to the utilization of the heat of exhaust gases of industrial power and technological units that use hydrocarbon fuels is impossible without deep cooling of these gases in condensing heat exchangers.

Mechanisms of intensification of sorption process of heavy metal ions by dry magnetically controlled biosorbents for the purification of the waste water

The newest method of manufacturing a dry magnetite biosorbent (MBS) on the basis of Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast was developed using a magnetic fluid with a magnetic susceptibility sufficient to effectively remove the iosorbent from the liquid stream contaminated by heavy metal ions, high-gradient magnetic separators (HGMS), whose efficiency is determined by the structure of high-gradient ferromagnetic matrixs (HGFM). The obtained results showed

Investigation of the Usage Efficiency of Impulse Ultrawideband signals in the Communication Radio Systems and Networks

Impulse-Radio Ultra-Wideband signals (IR-UWB) show considerable promise due to their numerous advantages that allow creating a ―new‖ radio engineering in the future and communication systems with properties that have not been yet realized. Taking into account constantly increasing deficit of radio waveband for conventional telecommunications systems, which is especially relevant to mobile and satellite communication services, the implementation of