Fundamental research

Creation of theoretical bases of resource saving technologies of isothermal forming of thin-walled elements of mechanical engineering in wide temperature range and velocity deformation

Оснастка, для деформування структурно-неоднорідних матеріалів, що встановлена на гвинтовому фрикційному прес-молоті

Based on generalized theoretical results of visco-plastic flow of metal in different aggregate (solid and liquid-solid) states under a wide range of temperatures and strain rates the relationship of the isothermal load parameters, structure and physic-mechanical properties of the material extruded from thin-walled workpieces elements that have a high degree of approximation of their shape to the shape of the details (accuracy) was obtained. A general theory and generalized approach for the calculation process of forming structurally heterogeneous bodies was created.

Methods of calculating evolution of the stress-strain state of the equipment of nuclear power plants taking into account the destruction of areas of action of seismic loads

Результати моніторінгу за напруженнями у захисній оболонці АЕС при розриві армоканату та розповсюдженням тріщин в колекторі парогенератора в процесі землетрусу

Designed iterative-analytical theory of spatial multi-layer constructions in view of the possible destruction of the material layers of shells. A mathematical model of crack propagation in the construction of nuclear power plants, taking into account the basic parameters of the seismic loading containments and NPP equipment. An geometrically and physically nonlinear equations.

The thermal and gas-dynamic processes in complex vortex and swirling flows

Using the experimental and theoretical approach both heat transfer and gas-dynamics of two complex vortex and swirling flows have been studied in details. New regularities regarding the local and average heat transfer have been established in the cylindrical channel with initial tangentially-inclined flow swirl at the stationary conditions, as well as in the radial rotating channel. The new similarity correlations have been obtained for the different boundary conditions arranged at the channel exit.

Investigation of heat transfer processes in combined systems of evaporation-condensation type and optimization of system performance

Formulation and implementation of this work is stipulated by the necessity of new, more efficient heat transfer means of evaporation-condensation type (ICT) in comparison with the ordinary ICT devices and systems, which improvement has reached the limit of their potential.

Establishing patterns of formation of diffusion coatings on alloys and the relationship between their composition, structure and properties

Дифузійний шар на сплаві ВТ6 після нітроцементаціі при Т = 900 ° С. х1000

Showing an increase tribotechnical characteristics of titanium alloys in terms of friction without lubrication, abrasion wear, heat resistance, corrosion resistance the surface after diffusion saturation with nitrogen, carbon, oxygen, chromium, aluminum.

The possibility of intensification of diffusion saturation by introducing into the reaction space activators and activation of surfaces prior Magneto-abrasive treatment that is saturated. This reduces the saturation temperature of titanium and its alloys to 550-900 0C saturation and reduce time to 2-3 hours.

The formation of nanosized hard magnetic FePt films alloyed by Ag, Au, Cu for increase of magnetic recording density

підвищення щільності магнітного запису

New principles of stable nanoscale hard magnetic FePt films formation with ordered L10(FePt) phase are created by the way of regulation the rate of solid state reactions by using additional layers of alloying elements (Ag, Au, Cu) as regulators of diffusion flows. It is reached the decrease of the hard magnetic L10(FePt) phase formation temperature on 100 K due to extra driving force at the creation of additional interfaces and stress state that accelerate the diffusion processes of ordering.

Creation of physical bases of operating of technological processes of manufacturing of reinforced heatproof cermet materials of polyfunctional setting

Шнеки пресів-екструдерів, наплавлені стрічковим релітом на основі сферичних частинок плавлених карбідів вольфраму, легованих молібденом

Created physical fundamentals of process control production of wear-resistant high temperature metal and ceramic material reinforced single crystalline fibers of superhard refractory compounds during high-speed sintering directional solidification of melt eutectic alloys quasi binary systems (LaB6-MeB2, B4C-MeB2, WC-W2C, Ti-TiB2) and subsequent heat treatment.

Research of new effects of electromagnetic coupling in solid-state planar resonators and development of filters theory for Telecommunications

Малогабаритний смужковий смуго-пропускаючий фільтр для великої потужності (20 Вт), який працює на частоті 2.4 ГГц.

It developed the theory of the construction of small-sized planar filters with improved characteristics for telecommunication facilities. The theory involves the construction of a new direction of microwave bandpass filters, which concerns small comb and lattice filters stripline design with high dielectric constant. Until recently, this trend did not develop because there is a "scientific" prohibitions.

Investigation of the charge carriers localization and transport prcesses in organic semiconductors and their nanostructures

Термостимульована люмінесценція і фракційні енергії для чистого полімеру

Technological methods and new nanocomposites made from semiconducting silicon-organic polymer poly(di-n-hexylsilane) PDHS and poly(methylphenylsilane) PMPS incorporated into nanoporous silicas with different pore diameter and geometry are developed. Controlled increase in silica pore diameter from 2.8 nm to 10 nm allows to investigate for the first time optical properties of polymers during transition from isolated polymer chain to polymer film and to establish possibilities of controlling this process.