Fundamental research

Effects of electromagnetic interaction in microwave multipleplaced planar structures and development of the theory of filters for telecommunication system

A theory has been developed for multi-tiered bandpass filters of a planar structure, its position is confirmed by measurements on existing experimental samples. On the basis of the established theoretical positions, new circuit design solutions for bandpass filters with different frequency characteristics have been created, which is reflected in the patent materials. It is established that three- resonator filters with a mixed cross-coupling K 13 = K m + K e , equal to zero (К 13 = 0), have two equidistantly located damping poles or a constant delay time.

Physics of high-temperature strength of reinforced ceramic materials of special, functional and biomedical purposes

Деталь камери згорання апогейного рідинного двигуна

The basic regularities of the physical nature of strength of directionally solidified eutectic alloys (LaB6-MeB2, B4C-MeB2, Ti-TiB, Mo-Si-B, etc.) have been defined by systematic studies of the influence of the nature of the matrix and reinforcing phases, their structural-geometric characteristics, and stress-strain state on the temperature dependence of mechanical characteristics of composite materials.

Investigation of heat transfer in the simulators of fuel bundles and passive heat-removal systems for strengthening of safety barriers in nuclear power engineering

одноконтурний реактор

Statement and performance of the research under consideration are substantiated by: (1) vital necessity of support and strengthening of safety barriers in nuclear power engineering by passive methods heat removal; (2) availability of vaporization-and-condensation type (VCT) systems creation for heat removal and thermal shielding; (3) significant limitation of the noted R&D and absence of its implementation in nuclear power technologies; (4) extremely insufficient experimental data base as to core temperature mode in the SCW reactors of a new generation resulting in absence of reliable

Universal multifunctional mobile robotic complex with high passability, maneuverability and durability

Дослідний зразок роботизованого комплексу  з колісно-крокуючим двокотковим рушієм

A package of applied programs for calculating and designing a mobile robotic complex based on a chassis of high cross-country ability with a wheel-walking twin-rollers driver. Effective methods for solving a number of applied problems are proposed, in particular, analytical and numerical modelling of chassis’s dynamics during overcoming obstacles with comparable sizes; identification of loads applied to chassis’ parts by numerical methods or by values of corresponding sensors; predicting the residual life of parts under intense external loads.

Fundamental regularities in the synthesis of multifunctional water treatment reagents by chemical activation of alumina waste

A new theory of targeted activation of waste ("red muds") of alumina production has been created, and multifunctional water treatment reagents with a specified structure and clearly defined coagulation, sorption and biosorption properties have been obtained in the processes of removing inorganic and organic substances of various types and origin (heavy metals, dyes, active substances) from contaminated water.

Methods of evaluation and guarantee of technical security’s required level for specialized multiprocessor control systems’ functioning

Purpose of the work is design of methods and means for determination of transition’s probability of reconfigurable multiprocessor system (MS) aimed to control the complex objects. This transition can lead to dangerous state. Also as result of the work is enhance of system functioning results’ veracity. During exploitation due to the processors’ failures MS can went into dangerous state (that is state when is only one (any) of control functions can not be realized and without of those the control object went into dangerous state).

Investigation of the asymptotic properties of pseudo-regularly varying functions and generalized renewal processes

нова статистична оцінка

The aim of this research project was to study the asymptotic behavior of pseudo-regular functions and their analogues in stochastic analysis - generalized renewal processes, as well as applications of the results obtained to the theory of stochastic processes, statistics of stochastic processes, mathematical analysis and mathematical physics.
In this project:

Formation of gradient states in nano layered metal film compositions via processes on the outer surface

Laws of energy induced diffusion phase-structural transformations in film functional-gradient materials with significantly different thermodynamic and crystal-chemical properties of the layers (V-Ag, Pd-Ho, Ni-Cu-Cr, etc.) were determined.
“Diffusion pump” effect was determined for investigated nanothickness materials: physical and chemical processes on outer surface thermodynamically determine diffusion phase formation in the bulk during energy impact in argon-, nitrogen-, oxygen-, hydrogen- containing atmospheres and in vacuum of 10-3 Pa, 10-7 Pa.

The processes of vapor generating in closed miniature evaporation-condensation systems with new coolants for space purposes

A complex study of heat transfer processes in constrained conditions in evaporative-condensation systems was carried out for the first time. A physical model of the boiling process on porous surfaces in conditions of limited space was developed and presented. Dependencies for calculating the heat transfer intensity under such conditions have been obtained. Such dependencies are necessary to create miniature cooling systems for microchips and powerful processors of electronic equipment.

Physico-chemical basis for strengthening of the light structural alloys surface by ultrasonic shock treatment at cryogenic temperatures

Схема УЗУО

Essentially new scientific knowledge has been obtained on the physico-materials science basics and the laws of the surface layers hardening of the light structural alloys by ultrasonic shock treatment (UST) at cryogenic temperatures. These regularities are due to the suppression of the dynamic return processes and dynamic recrystallization, as well as the effect of the dislocations annihilation under the action of the deep cooling factor.