Fundamental research

Mechanisms of intensification of sorption process of heavy metal ions by dry magnetically controlled biosorbents for the purification of the waste water

The newest method of manufacturing a dry magnetite biosorbent (MBS) on the basis of Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast was developed using a magnetic fluid with a magnetic susceptibility sufficient to effectively remove the iosorbent from the liquid stream contaminated by heavy metal ions, high-gradient magnetic separators (HGMS), whose efficiency is determined by the structure of high-gradient ferromagnetic matrixs (HGFM). The obtained results showed

Investigation of the Usage Efficiency of Impulse Ultrawideband signals in the Communication Radio Systems and Networks

Impulse-Radio Ultra-Wideband signals (IR-UWB) show considerable promise due to their numerous advantages that allow creating a ―new‖ radio engineering in the future and communication systems with properties that have not been yet realized. Taking into account constantly increasing deficit of radio waveband for conventional telecommunications systems, which is especially relevant to mobile and satellite communication services, the implementation of

Development of the generalized lifetime prediction method for composite structures at complex low-cycle loading conditions with taking into account damage

The main result of the work is the development of generalizing phenomenological models of damage for anisotropic CM under static and cyclic loading conditions. A tensor of the damage
parameters for different CM’s and its invariants are shown. The methodology and the corresponding experimental data of CM’s mechanical characteristics for static and low cyclic loading conditions was obtained. Parameters of the developed model was calculated. The dependence of the damage parameters on the anisotropy CM is obtained. It makes it possible to

Research of nanoheterostructres based on ternary alloys AIIIBV for modeling of their electronic properties and effects

The subject of the research is the electrical and optoelectronic characteristics of triple AIIIBV compounds and based on them structures. The main attention was paid to the investigation of the dynamic characteristics of triple compounds in strong fields, the effects of
heating the electron gas and other effects, which are inherent in such nanosizes materials, as well as phenomena on the boundaries of low-dimensional structures with passive regions and contacts.

The theory of PDC-algorithms and creation on its base the models and methods of planning, decision making and operational management in networked systems with limited resources

The object of study is planning and operational management processes in complex organizational and economic systems with networked production processes and limited resources. Subject of research is the development and application of new techniques and concepts of planning, decision making and operational management in complex organizational and economic systems with networked production processes and limited resources. The purpose of the work is the development of the theory of PDC-algorithms for intractable combinatorial optimization problems (ICOP) developed by prof.

Methods and means of increasing the efficiency of solving problems on the basis of reconfigurable computing facilities on the FPGA

Developed theoretical foundations for creation of multilayered FPGA-based matrix structure managed by restricted dataflow model. Created and investigated models of multilayered FPGA-based matrix structure managed by restricted dataflow. Developed new concept of building problem-oriented processor, implementation of which is based on using multiple FPGA. Developed new methodology of creation of multilayered FPGA matrix managed by restricted dataflow model.

The Development of the Concept of the Systematic Approach and Justification of the Resource Saving Ways to Use Underground Megapolice Space

Conceptual issues of the underground urban metropolis mid- and long-term perspective were developed, taking into account the geological and landscape features of construction value and the perspective urban changes. Techniques of the system design of underground facilities and resource-saving methods for their construction were justified on the basis of dedicated natural-technical system "geourbanity-geological environment."