Information and communication technologies

The unified device for noise-immune transmission in high data rate radio relay and satellite communication channels

Радіорелейна станція широкосмугового доступу

The results of research led to the creation of new types of standardized devices for interference-free data transmission in high-speed channels, microwave and satellite communication, which are the main technical and economic parameters exceed the available foreign analogues.
Unification is implemented as a range of frequencies used for (2 GHz, 5 GHz, 12 GHz, 130 GHz) and by type of radio channel (microwave and satellite).

Design principles of design of wireless sensor networks with self-organization to monitor environmental parameters

Макет вузла БСМ для дистанційного моніторингу температури та вологості за допомогою сенсорного датчика

It is proposed a theoretical and methodological basis for creating wireless sensor networks (WSN) monitoring of environmental parameters. Synthesized new WSN topology control algorithms. Formulated approaches to building the knowledge base (rules) to control the topology of WSN. An improved method of energy-efficient data aggregation in WSN, which uses a new way to reduce the energy use of individual nodes WSN by limiting their number for message transfer over the period of data collection.

The system analysis of landslide-prone slopes stress state in terms of seismic and anthropogenic hazards and destabilizing risk factors

Влаштування паль-шпонок верстатами ударно-канатної дії

There is developed a methodical-algorithmic toolkit for the system modeling of the landslide-prone slopes stress state, implementing the new concept and strategy in solving the inverse problem of a sustainable location for the buildings and the constructions in the landslide sites in conditions of destabilizing soil masses degradation factors.

System engineering of business-models, methods and software for the analysis of credit status of legal persons of Ukraine in conditions of uncertainty

The method of system engineering of business-models of organizational systems from the financial-investment activity, based on methodology of the system analysis and system engineering which, unlike available methods, considers features of organizational system due to use of business-structure (formalizes essence of organizational system), ontology (formalizes a sphere of activity of organizational system) and process of business-modelling (regulates creation of business-models) is developed.

Development of tools for the analysis of sustainable development of municipalities

Концептуальна схема моделі

A model of integrated quantitative evaluation of sustainable development of the municipality is created using the procedure of building a system of indicators in accordance with the program-oriented approach, including the coordination of data and methods of constructing composite indicators, methods for identifying critical indicators, etc. To work with the model’s data information subsystem for collecting, processing and storage of data is developed.

Network Intelligent Web-based data collection systems based on the Java micro-servers

A set of hardware and software for building networked microcontroller systems for the collection and processing of experimental data on the basis of the network of intelligent sensors to the IEEE-1451 with the support of specialized Web-protocols and built-in Java-related technologies. This data collection system is constructed in the form of Ethernet-network of intelligent sensors with providing Internet-based access protocol MQTT and Java-related technologies.

Development of the information-expert foresight system with extended analytics of unstructured data

Схема реалізації процесу передбачення в режимі on-line

A methodological and methodical toolkit of information-expert foresight system for processing unstructured information was developed, which includes the development of approaches to the analysis of unstructured data for the foresight platform and development of methods for determining the semantic coloring for pieces of unstructured information.

The development of computational fluid dynamics and heat transfer software for supersonic flow interactions

Лінії плівкової течії по твердій стінці в порівнянні з лініями поверхневої течії крапель у експерименті (конфігурація корпус – газовий струмінь)

Gas-dynamic and heat transfer mathematical model of supersonic flow over flying vehicles is developed. The model is taken into account with medium compressibility and dissipative effects leading to an increase of heating rate. Proposed model is based on physical interaction of shock wave and boundary layer. Three dimensional numerical models of flying vehicles in gas-dynamic states are developed in order to investigate different configurations concerning such systems as case - sharp swept fin, case - perpendicular cylinder, case - gas jet, case - sharp unswept fin.