Information and communication technologies

The development of architecture and technology of processing corporative distributed data sources in Cloud Computing environment based on the metamodels with their dynamic interpretation

The new Cloud- relevant technology and architecture "server farm" for ETL - processing and basic components (Machine of states and Broker of processing queries and broadcast events) of the distributed processing of corporate data sources and Web - services are developed for high quality in a heterogeneous environment Cloud Computing - based metadata and tools to identify the objects in "cloud" architecture.

Methods to build platform-independent parallel computer-aided circuit design systems with Internet-access

The ways to develop distributed systems on a base of the service-oriented architecture is considered now as perspective ones due to some reasons. The main advantage of a SOA is that such architecture allows producing loosely coupled programs. Also a SOA is based on well-prescribed standards. The key term of the SOA is a service. Their usage makes developers’ work easier and speed it up since it allows not starting work from the beginning but creating new programs using already existing services.

Higheffective signal processing devices on two-phase crystal-like structures

Signal processing devices based on crystal-like structures are the newest element base of information and telecommunication systems. To improve the efficiency of microwave microstrip signal processing devices proposed and developed two-phase crystal-like structures for increasing of signals in the passband and stopband suppression to 60 dB and reducing the size of devices in

Development of tools for building complex multicomponent models

A toolkit for building multi-component models of complex evaluation of sustainable development was created. Tools developed as part of the intellectual system of data processing of World Data Center for Geoinformatics and Sustainable Development and interacts with other components of information analytical system of World Data Center. User interface based on thin client that provides an interactive graphical tool for constructing models and visualization of distributed multidisciplinary information and providing tools for its analysis was implemented.

Systems engineering of the financial-investment informatization projects and the prognosis enterprise bankruptcy risks

The unified model of portfolio investment system consists of a structural, dynamic, use case and calibration representations. The system provides desired features: efficiency, scalability, extensibility, reliability, safety, transparency and low total cost of ownership.

LXI-compliant heterogeneous microcontroller systems for remote technical monitoring

An approach to the organization of data collection and processing of the experimental data to remotely monitor the status of technical objects as heterogeneous networks measuring microcontroller Ethernet- module with support for inter-module level, open-standard LXI. LXI- measuring unit is constructed as a network of information units receiving data. To pair the data blocks used microcontroller implementation of heterogeneous technologies of industrial networks SPI, I2C, 1 -Wire, LPC, RS- 485 .

Dewelopment of powerful self-reactance emitter of sound is for creation of the local acoustic field of high intensity

Powerful self-reactance emitter of sound of mobile type which creates the voice field of high intensity on the set distance and in the narrow sector of corners that technology of forming of the acoustic field by the use of багатоелементних фазованих arrays. The effective ultrasonic transformers of flexural and electrostatic types which can be a base for creation of багатоелементної powerful HEADLIGHTS are developed. Acoustic pressure is got from the 1th emitter (125 – 135) of дБ in the distance a 1 mcode, what fully sufficiently for creation of багатоелементної HEADLIGHTS.

Improving organizational and economic management mechanisms status, receive investment-innovative development of enterprises in Ukraine (for example, machine-building industry)

First established as a set of techniques for assessing the state of management of innovaлtion and investment development of the machine-building industry, and the willingness of the indus-trial enterprise to innovate. These techniques have a complex, not a vision of the structural prob-lems of innovation and investment enterprise development in a rather turbulent economic and investment environment.