Information and communication technologies

System for measurement and study of electrical parameters in energy saving electrical converters

Electric energy converters based on renewable energy sources, energy of powerhine frequency provide intermediate conversion to higher frequency with reverse conversion to direct voltage or intended frequency voltage of higher quality. Developed system allows to measure voltage, current, active, passive and total power, power factor in wide range of frequencies with distorted signals and small power factor.

Development of the methodic and model of the vibroacoustical signal processing system for the information-diagnosis complex of rotation systems

Макет дворівневої системи контролю вібрації

The two-level vibration control system of complex rotation systems (aviation engines) is developed at the steady-state and non-steady-state modes of operation. At the first level the vibration control system supports the current control of actual levels of vibration at the harmonics of the rotor rotation. The second level is assigned for analysis of “normal vibration” in order to predict or detect small damages of engine rotary details on the bases of integrated usage of signal processing methods for damages diagnosis. The vibration control method is based.

Development of integrated technology systems based on modern information technology and automatic control systems of product's manufacturing quality

Developing of information-parametric model for turning and determining its basic parameters that define its normal operation and is closely related to the quality process, helped to create a mathematical model of the cutting process and dynamic phenomena occurring in it. On this basis, the main characteristics of the process of turning and stability parameters list, which in its inevitable growth leading to loss of dynamic stability of machine processing and quality products.

Methods of the automated projection of analytical models of tools machinery and systems of projection of effective technologies of their manufacturing

Developed a new method of complex evaluation of all components of the cost of production of the product, including the cost of materials and manufacturing blanks for machining operations and control operations on the assembly, as well as a focused redesign products to reduce the cost of its production while maintaining functional and performance properties product engineering and instrumentation.

Research methods development and definitions of the microwave characteristics of the latest isotropic and anisotropic materials and nanoscale films

Detailed test method developed thin dielectric resonator shown its advantages and suitability for study of the dielectric properties of anisotropic materials in thin layers. Very thin dielectric substrate, 0.1 mm thick with a dielectric constant ε > 10 can successfully act as a dielectric resonator (DR) and used for the measurement of microwave parameters of the materials by studying the spectra of thin DR.

Measurement system and software for marine security systems and research platforms

Експериментальні спектри шумів моря та шумовипромінювання морських об’єктів

The essence is to develop a multi-purpose passive measurement system based on vector-phase methods for receiving and processing sonar signals, enabling surpass performance characteristics best marine security systems and measurement hardware for research polygons. Developed measuring system is designed for use in marine security systems and researching polygons, designed for noise emissions research fields offshore facilities. On the basis of the measurement system developed variants of marine security systems and the equipment for the researching polygons.

Investigation of the novel semiconductor materials and compounds for implementation in the low-dimensional electron devices manufacturing technologies

Investigation of nanomaterials and prediction of ternary nitrides abilities was carries out for application in the development of ultrahighfrequency micro- and nanoelectronics components. Analysis of dynamical and highfrequency properties of ternary nitrides has shown the possibilities of its application for device development for frequencies up to the hundreds of gigahertz and formation of picosecond pulses.

The capabilities extension of electronic tuning filters with solid-state construction

Твердотільні фільтри з електричною настройкою частоти

Solid-state filters with the electric tuning of frequency are the key elements of different multifrequency communication systems possessing increased noise immunity and reliability. It is considered considerable part of perspective communications, including to cellular telephony, will use these filters mainly. This development is the electric tunable filters with the improved responses for the perspective communication equipment, it is sent to development of new element base of Ukraine in area of radio electronics.

Effectiveness increase of wireless communication network operation by radio signals of distributed antenna systems spatial-temporal processing

Макет дослідного зразка РАС із просторовою селекцією один від одного двох сигналів

Sense of work consists in the analysis of modern world progressive trends of wireless communication networks (WCN) with distributed antenna systems (DAS) and also development of methodology of WCN with DAS functioning effectiveness increase on the basis of methods of spatial-temporal processing (STAP) of radio signals.