Information and communication technologies

The research of the resistance and effectiveness of information security cryptographic algorithms and their implementations using additional data

The purpose of the work is to improve, develop and create new effective methods and procedures of constructing and evaluating the effectiveness of cryptographic attacks with additional data on information security systems, obtaining estimates of information security systems resistance against such attacks, as well as new methods for determining directions and ways to improve hardware and software implementations of IT-security algorithms that take into account the latest attacks that use side channel information, failures data, the performing time of some operations, energy consumption and

Modeling the economic development strategy of enterprises in a socially oriented economy Ukraine

The current concept of enterprise development strategy under which the company is directly linked with its social and economic value, which is determined, along with technical and economic indicators - for a system of values, competencies and resources, effective management which causes the growth of the market value of the company. Determined system of qualitative and quantitative assessment of the corporate social responsibility of the enterprise.

Terahertz broadband telecommunications system radio access with Gigabit bandwidth


The principles and hardware / software solutions to build a telecommunication system broadband Internet access with Gigabit bandwidth in the frequency range 128-134 GHz to solve congestion frequency bands used today, a substantial increase in the data rate of wireless radio access systems, and the creation of ultra high radio relay lines of the new generation.

Implementation of the clouds computing in education and creation of the virtual computer research and training laboratory for universities

Were developed the software and technical basis of the virtual computer lab (VL) based on cloud technology. The main difference from the cloud services offered by the Internet in recent years - the advanced features for users with the ability to use interactive physical laboratory tools from both the server and client-side depth management of virtual machines and infrastructures.

The development of information technology for modeling and evaluating the financial and economic risks with accounting of the uncertainties of different nature (based on Bayesian models)

Результати моделювання в середовищі  OpenBUGS

A new technique of the data mining was proposed that combines the causal networks and methods for risk assessment in the form of stochastic volatility models. The approach includes the following stages: (1) definition and classification process critical elements under study, in order to identify and characterize risk factors; (2) constructing causal model in the form of believe Bayesian networks; (3) create a set of candidates scenarios process; (4) modeling and evaluating the risks of the critical factors based on Bayesian stochastic volatility models using methods of optimal filtering.

Development of principles, methods and schemes of transmission, receiving and processing of signals with a total bandwidth 1-10 GHz

The country is increasingly developing high-speed railway traffic comfortable express trains, highways are built for high-speed vehicles. The velocity of these objects reach 200-300 km / h, respectively. There is therefore a need to ensure passenger services 4G. The purpose of this project is to develop principles, methods and schemes of transmission, reception and processing of signals with a total operating frequency band 1-10 GHz and 4G services to subscribers in mobile terminals (MT), moving in carpool and express train at a speed of 300 to 200 km / h.

Development and implementation of series of precision wideband system oriented AC voltage multimeter

Зовнішній вигляд пристрою ВС5155

AC voltage measurement is the most common problem in electrical quantities measurement. The AC multimeters performance analysis shows that high accuracy is achieved in a narrow band of frequencies while there is a need to improve the accuracy not only in the sound but also in the short and in the ultrasonic frequency range. Therefore, element wise additive and multiplicative error correction technique to improve the accuracy was proposed. For this purpose, measurement channel is divided into functional blocks, each of which is complemented by a feedback circuit and aback up system.

Dynamic analysis of threats priorities economic dimension of sustainable development administrative - territorial units of Ukraine

Dynamic model of the economic dimension in view of the threats identified and its characteristics for the local government area. The method of calculating the level of threat, which includes grouping sets of data for specific classification features that characterize a particular threat , to create a database for a certain period, the definition of inter depending on the components and the maximum level of threat, the calculation and analysis of the formation of recommendations. The dependence of the functions described and graphically represented in the work.