Information and communication technologies

Methods and means of reliability increasing and information stability of the multiprocessor systems for objects of critical assignment

Reliability improvement of multiprocessor systems (MS) designed for controlling sophisticated objects, in particular those of critical purpose, is achieved in a variety of ways, which are discussed in this work, by introducing different types of redundancy, in particular temporal and hardware redundancies, and most often – by the fault-tolerant design of the system. The minimum number of additional processors required to increase the reliability (probability of operation without failure) of the system to the desired level is estimated.

Development of methods and facilities vehicle-programmatic realization of neurocontroller on the basis of the programmable logic integrated circuit for the construction of intellectual control system

Зовнішній вигляд нейроконтроллера

Neural network systems belong to the class of intelligent systems and are one of possible variants of adaptive and self-adjusting control systems for complex dynamic objects that can operate under structural, parametric and information uncertainty. These systems are able to control objects of any complexity but have problems with learning and adapting them in real time.

Modern methods of analysis and synthesis of cryptographic algorithms and protocols

The purpose of the work is to assess the effectiveness of encryption for certain types of cryptosystems, obtaining estimates of their relative resistance against attacks depending on the environment in which they operate, and to use new methods to improve cryptographic protection of information according to different models of computation and prospects of modern trends of cryptanalysis and сomputer abilities.

Heterogeneous environment with dynamic architecture for high-performance data processing in distributed information systems

Гетерогенне середовище з динамічною архітектурою

The analysis of the status and problems arising in the provision of services in global networks, particularly in systems Cloud Computing and Grid, as well as models, methods and algorithms to provide services and their pricing shown that the existing number of bottlenecks in the system to provide services in a global environment for ISPs and telecom operators, including call processing systems, query processing in data сetre and charging, since the lack of facilities the end user can not pick up service.

Creating a Research and Training an IT environment of university with complex research and development of competitive technologies and materials of nanoelectronics and nanotechnology

Developed the architecture of the scientific and educational IT - environment of the university, its hardware-software complex and structure for integration of major subsystems and equipment - registration server, server for data processing and analysis of the results of field experiments, the server access to the resources of the IT environment, subsystems for forming processing results requests of users, components of resource management system appropriate repositories and databases as a server backup, web Access server to generate web messages to connect to webinars.

System control by the operability, the survivability and the safety of the complex technical systems in the conditions of different nature uncertainties and destabilizing risk factors

Системне управління працездатністю, живучістю та безпекою складних технічних систем в умовах невизначеностей різної природи та дестабілізуючих факторів ризику

There is proposed system control by operability, survivability and safety of complex technical systems (CTS) under the influence of destabilizing risk factors, the conceptual and information uncertainty as the system of timely decisions making on operational prevent potential accident and catastrophic situations.

Dual-frequency microstrip antenna array for the navigational system with the ability to suppress the active jammers

Розроблена двочастотна антенна решітка

Planar dual-frequency microstrip antenna array with circular polarization was developed. Antenna array is optimized for the application in digital adaptive receiving system of satellite navigational signals GPS/GLONASS. The design of antenna array provides the manufacturing on dual layer microstrip subtrate of 10 compact ring radiators with circular polarization: 4+4 peripheral for each of the frequency bands L1 GLONASS (1593…1608) and L2 GLONASS (1237…1254 MHz) and 2 central radiators for the L1 GLONASS/GPS (1570-1608 MHz) та L2 GLONASS/GPS (1226 – 1254 MHz).

Methods of increasing of wireless ad-hoc networks throughput using telecommunication aerial platforms

Рис.1. Лабораторний зразкок системи дистанційного керування БПЛА

It is proposed a method for operational planning and re-planning of telecommunication aeroplatform network topology that allows through the optimal placement of drones in space to create such a network structure, which has a large throughput. It is proposed a method for the rapid deployment of telecommunication aeroplatform networks that allows using wireless sensor networks quickly gather data about the current coordinates of mobile subscribers and through a specially designed remote control devices to direct the position of unmanned aerial vehicles to achieve the desired throughput.

Synthesis and constructive implementation of signal-code structures in chanels with multiposition manipulation in satellite and radio relay communication

Стійка з модемом, мультиплексорами і устаткуванням живлення

The proposed recommendations for implementing constructive signal code constructions in modems used in radio relay and satellite communications. Developed documentation support for implementation of the proposed modems in the production process of PJSC "ELMIZ."

Development of interval methods with the use of conception of vagueness for the increase of exactness of estimation of results of the control measurings of parameters of informing signals

інформаційно-вимірювальні системи

The new going is developed near the evaluation of exactness of results of measurings by the evaluation of their vagueness. This approach differs from the known (existing) evaluations of exactness of measurings, which it was assumed at, that constituents had normal distribution, which does not depend on the type of distributing of constituents, influencing on a result. For this purpose as an initial size the function of belonging, the special case of which is probability, which interval estimations, uniting subjective and experimental information, were got at, was utillized.